Rotorburn postal service


Wheel size expert
What is so special about this seat post?

Is it green?
Nope, just a Fox Transfer performance 150mm in the right size and good price.

I have a DVO Garnet and they are freaking solid.

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The obviative
Happy to help out forwarding on items in Brisbane if they can be dropped to the CBD during business hours.


Looks like this has been tried a few times already. Why don’t we do it a bit like that trusted online sellers thread, and put the names of all the members willing to participate and their locality in the first post, so it’s like an address book? You find a member in the list in the area you need and hit ‘em up with a pm.


Eats Squid
I'm in to help out with postage when required.

Maybe a list of names and locations in the original post?