Rotorburn postal service


Hell no.

Current list of Droppers:
• Thomson 30.9, 125mm drop, external - Mach 5.7c
• Thomson 31.6mm 125mm drop, external - Avanti Competitor
• DVO Garnet, 30.9, 150mm drop, internal - Cotic with 31.6 shim
• X-fusion Manic 30.9, 150mm (ebay)? - sell
• Brand-X Ascend, 31.6mm, 125mm, internal - sell
• Brand-X Ascend XL, 31.6mm, 150mm, internal
• Brand-X Ascend XL, 30.9mm, 150mm 31.6,
• KS Lev Integra, 31.6mm, 150mm drop, internal - Nomad 3
• Brand-X Ascend II, 30.9mm, 125mm, external - Pivot 429
• Brand-X Ascend II, 30.9mm, 125mm, external - Turner Burner
• Brand-X Ascend II, 30.9mm, 125mm, external - Turner Sultan
• Brand-X Ascend II, 30.9mm, 125mm, external - Banshee Legend
• Bikeyoke 34.9, 160mm - Liteville
• Bikeyoke 31.6, 185mm - Sam
• Fox transfer dropper 31.6 125mm, internal - Orbea Occam
• Fox Transfer 30.9mm, 175mm - Pole
• Fox Transfer 31.6mm, 175mm - Banshee Prime

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Not a Cannondale in sight, are you poor or something


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you need a frame for each post, don’t sell them.

And why the dropper on the dh bike? (Still kinda upset I didn’t buy that first haha!)
I might keep them as spares.

Dropper on dh bike is handy for self shuttles and really long runs like Maydena.

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What @Oddjob needs is a bar with these spare posts mounted along it (with saddles of course) for guests to sit on. The up down will make taking a seat a lot easier.

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Anyone in Brisvegas able to pick up a frame, fork and wheels, dismantle, box and post to Melbourne? Items are located in Kingston, happy to arrange a suitable incentive.

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Now I’m even more confused.
It will be the parts advised. The agent would collect them and then package the items up safely in a unconventional fashion, such as using pieces of a heavy duty box and bubble wrap. This will hopefully prevent the good folks at Australia post from using their unpopular cubing method for billing, where they work out the volume of your box and bill your balls off.


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Bit far away from me too sorry - you have checked it's legit? Suburb gets a an interesting writeup -
Kingston is close to a lot of government departments that process asylum seekers, immigrants, the unemployed, mentally ill, disabled, troubled teens, people on parole etc. And I haven't mentioned all the charity groups that care for domestic violence, those having a financial crisis, homeless or drug abuse. So put two & two together and you'll notice a large portion of those type of people live here. Be prepared to stand up to the locals who wander onto your property but in a way that doesn't humiliate them or in threatening manner. More units are being made (you'll notice they're closer to houses) to accommodate the influx of people needing the services mentioned above.