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yeah, but you're roadies - you must have enough of your own problems as it is...
I'm not actually a roadie by choice, but commute disguised as one, really good disguise too, legs shaved... roadie brands, roadie helmet, Cibo nod worthy shoes... I'm doing well under cover.

Yes... MTBers have nothing on those blokes. Respect for other users is #1... I'll say no more.


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Surely these boys are riding chairlifts or shuttling and leaving the old GPS running ;)
Strava (the company) frustrates the hell out of me. It has so much user data at its disposal, but seems uninterested in trying to exploit it for the benefit of users. It was comparatively amazing when it first came out, but it’s just seemed to stagnate for years now.

There’s a Strava-equivalent (iOS-only) app for skiing and snowboarding called Tracks automatically recognises chairlift rides and adjusts ride stats accordingly.

The app is the work of just one (exceptional) developer, and can’t have anything like the user base of Strava. But he seems to manage to incorporate and exploit Apple’s APIs – “Hey Siri, start Slopes” – with little fuss, and yet Strava can’t even offer its users a way to distinguish between MTB and road rides, or let Premium users see average ride speed on their iPhone (like non-paying users can).


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woo I'm winning the distance at the moment...till tomorrow, no more riding for me this week, I think my legs would fall off.
I've been using the Strava Heatmap for several years to pinpoint the local spots if I'm out of town or in a new country but this is one implication that I hadn't considered, the dark places on the globe are potentially more interesting than the bright ones also I liked the comment in the article about a good way to spot all the rich white people of the world.

EDIT: Can anyone spot the border between North and South Korea?
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