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Moorey finally joined Strava yay........
I got 'Kudos' by two of these filthy birds yesterday. One on the ride to work and one on the ride home...What's the go with these fuckers?? Are they supposed to be bike thieves, scammers?? Has anyone here accepted the offer?


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Got one yesterday. Someone by the name of Raquel Farley gave me kudos, it popped up in less than 3min of uploading session. Got home about 20 min later and looked again, kudos images and name all gone. Weird????

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I moved from MapMyRide to Strava on the weekend, was tedious but worthwhile. So much better for segments. The club thing is cool, I seem to be top third in the descents and bottom third in the climbs compared to other RB peeps. That's fun to know.


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Just for interest I've started following a few road pros.. Holy smokes those guys are animals - 3k of vert over 160km..!

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