Yellow Underwear Person


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Big Block
You blame the bike for the speeding tickets? Imagine what you would be selling if it was a red frame and even more speeding tickets? Good luck with the sale, nice bike. The previous comments were really funny in my head, might not have across that way in print. Ask my kids, I am a really funny Dad.


Random Krishna
Binner, if you are selling just because of a couple of speeding tickets, go on a payment plan and keep the bike.


Yellow Underwear Person
i just said speeding tickets. The bike has been sitting on a rack for a while now not getting used. Its time to declutter..... i got too much stuff and need to start thinning out to make way for an E.
been down to derby 2wice in the space of 6 weeks and spent some serious cash doing so its time to sell up parts n bits i don't use much anymore ......
stay tuned for more cool stuff up for grabs at decent prices....


Yellow Underwear Person
Must be a big e? Just up the fibre and you'll have plenty of space...

The Chilly Willy looks rad! What's the hub spacing?

its a helluva a lot of E's my good man.... i need to start diving into Bitcoin to afford what I want
By 'medium frame only', you mean that what's for sale is just the frame ( as opposed to you only having a medium sized bike for sale...) ?