Scott 25 hour entry


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Looking for a third member for our mixed team. The only female in the team has done her knee, and after much deliberation, hoping it would come good, she has pulled out.

The two remaining members, my brother in law and myself are not racers - in fact the training and riding in general has copped a bit of a beating thanks to both of us having 6 month olds. We'll be dragging the wives and bubs out to Stromlo in a couple of weeks nevertheless, and have a ball riding as much as we can. Having a new born has been good training for being up half the night, so keen to do a few night laps. Last year I did 7 laps, ranging from 45 minutes for the first lap of the day, to 52 overnight and 62 the next morning. Should be a bit quicker on the 29er this year, maybe...

It would be easiest if we got a female so we didnt have to change categories, but I'm sure its not that complicated to change to an all male trio.

PM me your details. Did I mention we have a marquee and a gas heater? :flame: