Shimano Acera BR-M395 front caliper not compatible with IS mount adapter and 160mm rotor?


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Hopefully I’m doing something wrong and someone on here will set me straight and send me on my way.

I have a 2009 Iron Horse Bootleg 1.0 which had Hayes HFX-9 Nine Carbon hydraulic brakes on it. Pulled the bike out of the shed after having not been used much in the past few years to find signs of brake fluid leakage and a siezed piston in the front caliper. Purchased Shimano M395 160mm rotor brake setup front and rear to replace with.

The brake kit included a rear IS caliper adapter but not a front one. Purchased a generic IS front 160 adapter and found that the Shimano Acera BR-M395 caliper body fouled on it a bit, easy fix with a file. Now that that is sorted, I’ve found that one of the Tors head bolts that holds the two halves of the caliper together fouls on the RockShox TORA XC Air IS caliper mounts resulting in the caliper not being able to be adjusted and centered over the brake rotor causing rubbing of the rotor on the caliper/pads (see picture attached).

So, what am I doing wrong:

1. Used a generic no brand IS front 160 adapter when should have used a genuine Shimano (I suspect that this would have avoided my first issue where I had to file the adapter down a bit but not sure about the second current issue of fouling on the fork mounts)?

2. Or the BR-M395 caliper is not compatible with IS mount and 160mm rotor front setup so should increase up to 180mm (purchase new IS front 180 adapter and 180mm rotor)?

3. Something else I’ve missed?



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It looks right, but just to be sure, you haven't got it upside down have you?

A lot of those cheap kits come with washers, have you tried using a couple of washers to space the caliper out? (Just make sure the entire pad surface still hits the rotor if you do this)

If you're anywhere near narre warren, I have a selection of mounts to choose from, some work better than others with certain forks/calipers. Or if worst comes to worst, could try a different Shimano caliper to see if it has better clearance.

I've had all sorts of odd shit with different mounts and calipers. Does your head in sometimes, shouldn't be this hard

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I’m down in Tas, so can’t take up your offer. Cheers anyway though.

Tried two shims (washers) under each side of the caliper post mounts to lift it above but still wasn’t enough.

I’ve ordered a 180mm rotor and adapter to see how that goes instead.
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That's a 160mm rotor adapter alright... but it is a rear one! The front ones for 160mm have a greater depth/offset. Hopefully someone at your LBS sorted you out by now.
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