WA short Stem for kids bike!


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Item: short stem 40mm or less for kids bike 23 mm bars 1 1/8th steer
Location: dont care
Price range/Willing to Pay: max $50 inc postage
Extra Info: cant swap to normal mtb bars as al the shifter and brake clamps suite the skinny bars!


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then i need new bars.. new grips, shifters are old grip style , brake levers too.... the bike cost me $90!!
If the grips/shifters/brakes are 22.2 (surely they are) one of us will have an old kids bar/stem laying around. Or, if it’s just a light kid, look at the ‘wake’ stuff on eBay.

edit. What Dale said.


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Shiiit. Wake stem/bar combo used to be $20 posted on eBay. Now 3x that, and still only suitable for kids.
@discofrank you’re welcome to these. One side has a few degrees of bonus sweep after an unpleasant incident. Massaging it back would be fine for kids to use. RF evolve 760ish. 31.8. No soo spare stems sorry. Cutting them short would negate much of the bonus sweep :p


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I've got a yellow nuke proof 31.8 about 720mm that came off the banshee you can have for postage. Oh and by yellow, I mean really yellow.


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@discofrank I'll see what I've got later, I might have a combo that suits your needs. I'm sure I have a set around that I cut down for my boy and he didn't like!

Edit: does it matter if they are flat or riser bars?