"show us ya barrie" competition finishes XMAS eve.


Crashed out somewhere

Well it's time to have a bit fun now you're all on holidays.

So just a small little competition to entertain us all, I may have more over the holidays, see how we go.

Must be a complete landed bar spin
24/26"/20" wheels
anywhere (location may make or break the shot)
timing/style/ fluidity
combo tricks with bar spin
street or dirt
Will be panel that will judge it.


MTB prize: Dartmoor Swing 3" 25.4mm red bars + some stickers.

BMX prize: 25.4mm pivotal post of your choice, black red or blue + some stickers.
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i <3 beeez sooo much <3

Truck spine at Box Hill

Barspin at Red Bull dirt pipe

Shitty photo, but bars air at Camby

Drain beez at Box Hill

Personally i think Liam Zingberg's beez takes the cake though ;)
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Crashed out somewhere
"Drain beez at Box Hill" that's my choice of those Patto. If you win I've give you the matching rim to that front raider. :p

Let's see how everyone goes. ;)
i might give them another crack when i get my frame back, also did anyone have problems keeping their forward foot on when doing hop bars? even when i concentrate on keeping that foot on it comes off :S


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Hey rob, do us a favor and enter my
Hop bars picture, I think it's in my photo thread, I can't on my
Phone, patto wins epicaly at bars


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Thought I'd chuck a couple of pics up for my mate Max, seeing he doesn't have a RB account

If that doesn't count at legit enough due to the timing of the shot, here a another pic, not as good though...



Crashed out somewhere
just me (sam fraser) at the shine park...

suicide bar:


not bad either sam! LOVING that suicide bar! awesome commitment, mega combo points. I think that may be my favourite even though its not all flashed etc.
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