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Discussion in 'General' started by Jimmyone, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Jimmyone

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    Ive heard that corc puts on shuttle day at stromlo on the odd occasion and thought this would be the best place to clarify this piece of hear-say.

    If anyone has some info on these shuttle days i'd be interested to hear.

  2. Pipcollector

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    Shuttle days - 2017

    Hey guys, is there any info on upcoming shuttle days for Stromlo??

    Is it still being run? There's no information on the CORC website or FB pages.

  3. AtomicPanda21

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    I heard something about that too from Mick at Dynamic Motivation

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  4. Shinigami

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    Dynamic motion are doing them, for some reason their site wont load though

    and i cant see anything in this sub at all
  5. Majin

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    Hey, I saw him there yesterday with his shuttles going, ( 14th April).
    I double checked the site and the dates for the shuttles are attached
    and the prices are either $50 for a day pass or $200 for a 25 ride pass. ( it says there are a limited amount of spots too)
    Here's the link if anyone wants more info :):

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