QLD SOLD 2011 Giant Anthem X Frame


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Item: 2011 Giant Anthem X frame, medium or 18"
Location: Southside Brisbane, Daisy Hill
Item Condition: Pretty good, couple of stone chips
Reason for selling: Cleaning the house
Price and price conditions: $500 + post
Extra Info: I bought the frame 2 years ago to set up a light weight
trail/cross country bike but ended up purchasing a Transition
Bandit so this has sat around since then.
Has the head set, BB and a RP23
Pictures: Better pics coming


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Likes Bikes and Dirt
Not sure mate

I'll bring the price down to $450 to accommodate
The postage;)

More pics coming this arvo;);)


Likes Bikes and Dirt

What type of bottom bracket is it?
Hey Mate, it's a pressed fit BB ive had some xt's in there as a mock up
..............but unfortunately for you the frame is sold

Haha loving the beer bottle prop

You must be the sort of rider that cracks one after a ride :p
Oh I believe you know;)

Nothing like a stella or heinekin after a long haul