NSW Sold Full 3x9 shifter/derailleur set, X7 & X9


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Item: 3x9 Shifter & Derailleur set, year unknown
Location: Ermington/Silverwater, a trail
Item Condition: Used. Cosmetically pretty ugly, functionally still good.
Reason for selling: Upgraded
Price and price conditions: $50 PENDING
Extra Info: Set is off a 2009 Reign so are from that era. The shifters have quite a bit of gravel rash, but the levers are good and work well. There's some gouging on the derailleur with a bit on the jockey wheel (not the teeth), it never affected the performance and never dropped a chain, long cage. The front is an LX model, spring is firm, pretty certain it's 34.9mm clamp (same as the seatpost) correct me if that's erroneous. All parts were lubed and re-greased yesterday. Everything is moving smoothly and freely. The jockey wheels have 1 offset and 1 center if you want new ones. Includes a brand new inner cable for one part, the front hadn't seen as much use as the rear so might get away with using the old cable. Not missing any parts.


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The derailleur is from, oh, maybe august 2006...possibly the 11th of August at around 3.13pm.....
I'm reckoning the rest is the same vintage.