VIC SOLD - Waltly Custom Titanium Hardtail 27.5" (or Mullet)


Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Item: Waltly Custom Titanium Hardtail
Location: Derrimut, VIC
Item Condition:
Excellent, as new.
Reason for selling:
Touch too big, already have another.
Price and price conditions:
Erm... $600ish? I have no idea what a custom titanium frame is worth used - make me an offer if you're interested.

Cost about $1500 AUD landed when I got it back in July. Generally takes at least a couple of months to get a frame designed, built and shipped, and I believe the lead times have blown out further now due to increased demand from COVID shortages elsewhere - so here's the chance to jump the queue and get one now!

Extra Info:
Come with Cane Creek "Hellbender" 70 series headset (better bearings and sealing than the 40 series), and a Shimano MT-800 threaded BB (which I can remove if it doesn't suit your needs). Prefer to sell to a 'burner I recognise as I would prefer not to see it on facebook a week from now.

Frame specs: Boost 148x12, has an integrated IS42/52 headset, 30.9mm ID (34.9mm OD) seat tube, clearance for a 27.5x2.6" rear tyre (but a 27.5x2.5" rear tyre would be a better choice if you care about mud clearance). BB height and STA were designed around running it mulleted with a 140mm 29er front fork and wheel, but you could run it with a 160mm 27.5" front fork and wheel if you don't mind the HA getting a fraction steeper. I'm 6'2"/188cm and generally prefer a slightly short reach for my height, so if you're 6'2" or above you're probably in the ballpark size-wise.
Geometry diagram: See below
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Pictures: Several!





And a couple of naughty pics of it built up just as a teaser...
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If the pics weren't there I don't think anyone would believe it was actually built up!

Edit... My mistake, it didn't pop right up so I thought it was missing.

And yes, too bloody cheap!


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Hmmm ok... you could let me ride the new bike at least twice before starting this!
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Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
So what's the actual size 19inch?
If we're talking seat tube length, yes - 19.09".

It has a static reach of 468mm with a 660mm stack.

Here is a static vs sagged geo number comparison (assuming a 29er 140mm fork):



Dr. Beebenson, PhD HA, ST, Offset (hons)
Might be to big for me im 175cm what you think @beeb
Honestly, probably a touch too large. Depends how you feel about "modern geometry" though. If you like the more modern stretched out bikes with longer reach and short stems it may be alright, but you would possibly need to adopt more of an "attack" position when riding.