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Item: Azonic Pookie Platforms
Location: Sydney
Item Condition: They've seen quite a few years of service now but are in good condition with everything working fine.
Serrated Pins still have plenty of life left in them. Light scratches and marks on the outerside of the pedals but no major gouges. Pictures tell the story anyway.
The best pedals I've ever used by a long shot but I don't DH/FR any more and would be overkill for anything else.
Reason for selling: Getting rid of all surplus parts.
Price and price conditions: $OLD
No missing pins.
Grease ports
Oversized stainless steel spindle
Removable pins and sealed cartridge bearings
290g per pedal
Dimensions: 9cm long, 8.5cm wide, 2.5-2cm width (concave design).
Built like a brick shithouse!
Pictures: Yup

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