Soma Mixte - build for Kirsty


Not happy, Jan.
Finally pulled the trigger on a Soma Mixte frame - its now somewhere between the bike shop in the mid west and the freight forwarder in Florida...

Should build up nicely :)

Aesthetics are playing into this one, so am trying to find bits that keep it looking retro but are actually model light and nicely functioning.

Novatec make nice polished alloy disc hubs

I'll build them onto some Grand Bois 650B with some 42mm Orange Velo tyres fairweather-touring-cruise-tire-650b-x-42-mm

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and shifter

and Hayes CX cable disc brakes

Seat post and stem I'll go cheap aliexpress jobs I think. Handlebar is a standard Orange velo city bike job too. Saddle, rear rack, crankset and pedals still subject to some aesthetic musings :)

Hopefully I can start building the thing in a couple of weeks!


Not happy, Jan.
Got the frame finally last, but damaged... There was a handlebar loose in the box which I think smashed the paint - I was bloody explicit to them about securing the extra parts in the box to avoid exactly this... No response yet on the request for a replacement frame. Typical US customer service.

Anyway, it’s a super nice frame. Seriously light.



Not happy, Jan.
Hubs are Novatec from China, rims Grand Bois from Japan, tyres are Soma made by Panaracer. Stainless spokes from China custom length.

The hubs had ugly red logos on them, but they were water transfers that came off with nail polish remover :)

Tyres are 650b 38mm - feels a bit narrow than I had in my head, might go for some Grand Bois 42mm but will see how it goes once it’s all together.