VIC Southern Exposure Surfcoast 100


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After all the rain this week, will be interesting to see how the track hold up and what state they will be in after the event.


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Track was amazing. A couple of muddy spots but nothing to worry about. Added to the fun. For those getting grumpy about the cost. We received a banana at the finish line.
I would pay the same to do it all tomorrow.
It was awesome!
I was not.


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It was fun regardless of DFN

So I entered the Surfcoast 100, my first race since a subjunior back in the '90s. I was having loads of fun until I had a bit of a bingle and dislocated my shoulder.
I just wanted to give a bit of a shout out to all those peeps who either stopped and helped me or just asked if all was cool, including the local girl who passed my location on back to the TA and the guy who bandaged up my arm and waited with me and my buddy for a course marshal to arrive. Even though I was in a sorry state, I still had a smile and really appreciated all the folks who rode past offering help. It's great to know that in an event like this there's loads of support amongst fellow riders. Thanks for your help folks!