Sold SPANK 29er+ Oozy Trail 395+ rims


Eats Squid
Item: Spank Oozy 29plus rims, Trail 395+ in fuchsia
Location:Newcastle but can post
Item Condition:only 2 rides old, present as near new
Reason for selling:Have decided to go with 27.5+
Price and price conditions:$OLD
Extra Info:internal width is 35mm , can run up to 3.0 tire without issue
indeedily doodly!
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Can these run more normal sized 29er tyres, say 2.4 to 2.6 ?

I have a set of 27.5+ rims if you would be keen for a swap?


Eats Squid
what rims do you have for swap?..
I only just finished my 27.5+ wheels today, got sick of waiting for online retailers to deliver and dropped in to see my LBS..
I do have another set of hubs that may go towards another build