Street rides - improvisation/inspiration/interpretation


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everyone i ride with is better than i am :p They don't know how to coach tho, so i get the same old 'just jump across and do it', 'just pedal backwards', 'just go faster'... or 'I don't know, i just do it'. I can't grind or hop up a curb sidways to save my life...but hopping across a flat line on the floor ??? You know i've got a foot of air and jump across about 8 inches. But i don't know how to translate it to hopping onto something. When i get to that point, i can't do it anymore. Same with spinning, i can stand and do 1s or 3s...but not on a bike..
Don't take it to heart too much but some people just don't want to teach anyone, they might be a grumpy person or they want to hold onto their hero status in the group or you might not totally understand what they want to convey across to you because of the bike jargon they use.

I found the best way to learn is to video yourself and compare it to other peoples video and see what I'm doing differently to them. If you let it beat you in your mind, it normally does beat you in the end.

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Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.
Try getting a mate to help you with an online game,

“Oh hey ma....”

You guys got me feelin pretty good with my flat 180’s now though, can even do them on my scout :p

I learnt em on the bmx, after trying for ages with an old kona cowan djer. Smaller bikes help. Alot. Then transfer the motions over to a big bike. I am pretty bad at teaching, but then again I’ve never been taught, which I think might be the issue with alot of coaches. Most people just keep trying different things untill it works, theres no set way of doing anything with a bike. Everyones a different build and does things differently


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I was squirrelling money away for an indoor trainer to keep fit in the cold months, but the idea of riding in a room staring at a screen bores me shitless. So I got this instead. So far so good; mostly playing in skate parks working on some basics, but it feels like I achieve something new every time I take it out. Been a while since I’ve felt that from riding...


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That looks like a lot of fun! What have you been learning?
Mostly fakies and rear wheel hops, attempting riding along narrow things, getting up things, dropping off things and 180s on the front wheel. Weirdest thing is having to relearn bunny hops - I’m fairly decent at them on a full sus trail bike (also flat pedals), but can’t get near the same height on this bike!

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That snow appears a little shallower than mine...and how is that orange not sunk further with all that weight? Surely it should press through the asphalt?


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Been riding park mostly here. Tho lately I'm trying to learn pull up bars. Got a bit stuck in the actual throw, i go to toss them and they fall back straight. Going to get some video help this weekend. Been taking the grind rail out too. Going to Bass Hill tomorrow if anyone wants to sesh it :)


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I'm in another state but if I was close by, I would have surely joined you for a social ride. Not sure where poodles is located these days, he might be a bit closer.