Stuff I Need vs. Stuff I Want!

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by TonyMax, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. TonyMax

    TonyMax Caviar tastes on a popcorn budget

    Everyone knows that upgradeitis is a terrible affliction, as is the desire to have *all* the things.

    So I'm trying to prioritise MTB stuff to buy because I have caviar tastes on a popcorn budget.

    I probably don't really *need* anything else at the moment as I'm quite successfully heading out for 2.5 hour trail rides in the local MTB park.

    I've got a 29er hardtail. I have a bottle cage on the bike for my drink, bib knicks with a nice pad to sit comfortably on, cycling jerseys with back pockets for my phone and muesli bars, full fingered gloves, a little saddle bag that holds a spare tube, CO2 inflator, quick link and multitool, a pump mounted under the bottle cage for Justin Case, a decent helmet and some decent sunnies. I've got SPD pedals and shoes. I'm going to wrap my drive side chain stay in an old inner tube this weekend. I've got some basic lights should I ever feel the need to ride in the dark.

    Things I want are many and varied, and the list gets longer every time I visit Wiggle or CRC, but I would like a new Camelbak with decent pockets to store stuff, a better pair of shoes, a bike stand, a bike tool kit.

    Help me spend money I don't have yet by offering suggestions of things I need or things I should want.
  2. mekros

    mekros Likes Bikes

    Going tubeless, changing saddles to fit your body shape, adjusting your stem length and height, what else do you want to do?
  3. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Have you considered adding some drilling? It will reduce weight an increase aerodynamics.
  4. TonyMax

    TonyMax Caviar tastes on a popcorn budget

    I haven't got around to speed holes yet, the bike is still under warranty.

    But I guess I'm not adding anything (which might not be covered by the warranty) am I? I'm just removing bits, thereby minimising the amount of bike left to suffer failures, right?
  5. mik_git

    mik_git Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Di2 of course...
  6. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Exactly. You're improving the bike beyond the manufacturer's ability.
  7. schred

    schred Likes Bikes and Dirt

    How to waste money?? Keep browsing CRC and you'll soon figure out how to do it like a pro and optimise ~$100 packages. Maybe a range of tyres for different conditions but strangely all very similar, or a bunch of handlebars that never quite hit the mark, what about an ambitious chainring, or 3 different sized stems, perhaps a few sets of grips that all suck, and maybe a random hub on special and a few speciality tools youll rarely use.
  8. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb King of his castle


    We've all been there...
  9. slimjim1

    slimjim1 Likes Dirt

    This one is my favourite...38T minimum for me please.
  10. tkdbboy

    tkdbboy Likes Dirt

    new10 is our best friend
  11. The Duckmeister

    The Duckmeister Eats Squid

    Chuck a spare derailleur hanger (to suit your frame of course!) in your on-board service kit.
  12. Alo661

    Alo661 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    All I want is a Shimano Di2 Dropper post with the battery integrated into it. Then I'd go Di2 on a MTB.
  13. scblack

    scblack Wheel size expert

    Carbon wheels are virtually compulsory today.
  14. RichJS

    RichJS Likes Dirt

    Chain oil, degreaser and a Park Tool chain cleaner, Camelbak, Track pump, tubeless conversion kit (tho maybe you're already tubeless if you have co2) ..

    There's always a bike computer: $20 cateye or $600 garmin GPS with HRM, speed/cadence, maps, etc - so much choice! Or you could just use strava .. but add a bluetooth HRM.

    When you first need a new BB or Chain or Cassette, get a cheapo (SuperB / XTools / similar) toolkit with the essentials in it: Chain breaker, chain whip, BB tool (assuming you're threaded), cassette lockring tool, half-decent set of hex drivers.

    If your multi-tool doesn't have a chain breaker, you could get a mini one separate or upgrade the multi-tool.

    You can start accumulating a stash of energy bars and trying to find electrolyte drink powders that don't want to make you gag.

    Oh, and of course multiple shorts and jerseys. Convertible vest/jackets, matching gloves (inc. short fingered for summer..)

    Then you can start looking at Race entries for event that costs like $4 per kilometre, and Destination Bike holidays to popular riding locations like Mt Buller, Rotorua, Whistler ..
  15. rowdyflat

    rowdyflat Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Overseas and Australian travel is a good choice to spend your money on.
    If you want to avoid boredom and improve, riding different conditions and terrain will really help plus w a mtbike is a great way to see the world.
    Esp riding rocky terrain which we dont have much of in Australia will really help your skills.
    Otherwise upgradeitis is a disease for which there is no cure it is just consumerism in another guise.
  16. Snapcatcher

    Snapcatcher Likes Bikes

    Just hit the 'all clearance items' button on CRC. Heaps of things you didnt know you needed, and it's easy to rationalise why should should buy those items right now cause they're such a great discount! Spend 150 for an extra 20 off, bargain on top of a bargain!
  17. c3024446

    c3024446 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    TS4 truing stand. So much want, not much need.
  18. droenn

    droenn Likes Dirt

    I think if you've only got one bike, its pretty clear what you need.
  19. Brow

    Brow Likes Dirt


    Bikes = N+1, want or need?
    If it is a need, that means you acknowledge your addiction and someone might try and fix you or keep it as a want - I can stop anytime.
  20. nzhumpy

    nzhumpy Likes Dirt

    I saw a lime green Taniwha today and I'm pretty sure I need one of these in my life.

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