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Hey everyone.

Finally got this beast done!!!
Ben came over the other day and showed me some of the new 08 NS gear and I knew I had to build this up.

This is the new 2008 NS Suburban.


Frame: 2008 NS Suburban
Fork: NS Bikes
Stem: NS Quark Pro
Bars: NS 3" District
Rims: Syncros 24"
Hub - R: NS Coaster SS Pro
Hub - F: NS Roller Simple
Pedals: NS Leg Eaters
Cranks: CAB Prototypes

Weight: 11.8 KG

etc etc... too lazy to list the rest. :p

Less talk, more photos.... :p

Note the custom painted seat, end caps on the pedals and the yellow nipples. :)

Sorry about the rushed shots. I will try to get some better ones soon.

Pure sex to ride.

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Chris, this thing is insane!

Hands down, probably the hottest hardtail i've ever seen. A big BMX.

VERY nice. :)


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Banana bike (do do de do do) banana bike (it's pretty sweet) banana bike (I can't think of anything witty that rhymes, but you get the idea) banana bike!

Looks nice, Chris!

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Fuck yeah Chris, that's awesome.

The nipples, pedal endcaps and especially the yellow bits on the seat set it off!

Don't worry about better pictures, your "bad" pictures are insanely good anyway.


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Mate you have a stunner.

Great bike, perfect spec. Only thing I would change would be the rigid forks. But thats a personal choice. Great bike.

It also stands up by itself.. haha

Matt H

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Nope, the yellow thing you got going on certainly doesn't float my boat...

I'm sure it rides nice though :cool:


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The seat is an Odyssey mike aitken signature i'm pretty sure. Sorry but i am not too keen on the yellow either.:eek: ah well i guess it comes down to how it rides


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I swear.. the Banana Splits shall be callin to make you a member :p
Last.. one was much betterer


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shhiit man, that has to be the best urban bike i have ever seen.

dammmm, can you pm me a rough overall price list?

nice work man.. my new wallpaper.