The Beautiful Women Thread.


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(This thread will either flop or be a success, nonetheless here's hoping PoSM/Mods approve - if not I'll see you all in 3 weeks :p)

I often frequent these threads on other forums, and so in light of the 'Guilty Attractions' topic a little while back, I thought a 'no-shame' beautiful women thread might prove popular here.

Feel free to discuss or post any image/s of women you find particularly attractive.
- Nothing that would be deemed NSFW.
- No offensive comments toward other users based on their posts (You're allowed to disagree, but do so in a civilized manner).

Kiddies: Feel free to keep your excessively photoshopped/digitally altered 'fake plastic women' to yourselves.
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you just had to wreck it didn't you....mods does this fall into zero tolerance category?

edit: you changed your post cheepo
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PINT of Stella. mate!

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And we have yet another one for the Zero tolerance TB room.


As for the actual thread itself, I can't really comment. Farkin is supposed to be for riders of both sexes but then again I am responsible for the 'Guilty Pleasures' thread although that was open to both ladies and gentlemen to post in.

I'll leave the decision on this one to somebody else

(And also sneak in a vote for : Amanda Palmer, Victoria Pendleton, Ana Ivanovic and Charlize Theron amongst millions of other worthy contenders)


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This is fubar, so far we've had Delta, Jen, Kirsten, Paris and some fat black dude.

Surely, with the interweb at your finger tips, you could do better...


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Such a great lead singer of a kick arse band.
I really wanna see these guys live heard they are absolutely electric!

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