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Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by SlowManiac, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. SlowManiac

    SlowManiac Likes Dirt

    Valid for 2 weeks, 75 pound minimum spend.

    PM me first come, first served.
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  2. SlowManiac

    SlowManiac Likes Dirt

    Code has been taken
  3. funkymonkey

    funkymonkey Likes Dirt

    Same Here.

    Just received one with an order today - first to pm me gets it...

    Only if you are going to USE it...
  4. funkymonkey

    funkymonkey Likes Dirt

    Code now taken.

  5. Ja-Mez

    Ja-Mez Likes Dirt

    ive ordered 12 different times from them in the last 2 months.. not one came with voucher! spewing!
  6. Mywifesirrational

    Mywifesirrational Eats Squid

    Is it completely random? or do they hand them out when orders quiet down? I've got 15 things in the wish list and I am unpatiently waiting for some further discounts.
  7. SlowManiac

    SlowManiac Likes Dirt

    Mine came in the box with my stuff.
  8. Art Vanderlay

    Art Vanderlay Hourly daily

    Same, but not on every order
  9. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    I had been ordering from CRC for about five years with no incident. Never got a voucher.

    The first time something went missing in the post (cassette), they sent me a new cassette with my first ever CRC voucher.
    Must have been an incentive to keep the customer in my case.

    I actually gave it to a rotorburner as a lollipop prize with an item I sold them.

    Whoever you were, I hope it wasn't expired! haha
  10. sane

    sane Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Perhaps a discount voucher trade thread is in order

    I have been given a few vouchers over the years & they have all gone in the bin, although I would have been happy to handball them
  11. x1886x

    x1886x Squid

    I was about to make a new thread before discovering this one.
    I'd rather somebody actually use this, rather than claim it and never use it. So here it is -SIK5FEXT
    Same deal : Expires in 2 weeks, £10 off any >£75 pound order.
    edit: if someone uses it, could you please let me know so I remove it from here
  12. willsy01

    willsy01 Eats Squid

    I've had no vouchers......but lately they've been sending my stuff via DHL express even though i'm selecting the free shipping :noidea:
  13. x1886x

    x1886x Squid

    A friend pointed out that shipping gets bumped into the express category for free if your order is a decent amount ( I think >AUD200 or so may have been the figure)
  14. harmonix1234

    harmonix1234 Eats Squid

    We should accumulate all the CRC vouchers and build a bike! haha
  15. steve24

    steve24 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    cheers, was just about to drop an order....
  16. x1886x

    x1886x Squid

    No problem. If you get a crc voucher with the order, post it up here and keep the loop going :D
  17. PerthMTB

    PerthMTB Likes Dirt

    I find the UK forum is a good source of CRC/Wiggle codes. For example there were four CRC codes posted on it yesterday, and that's by no means unusual. But, even if there's none posted, I've always found that a politely worded request has been rewarded within minutes.

    By the way, most of the CRC codes are multiple use these days, so no need to only send them to one person, or tell others they've gone - just post up the code for all to enjoy! For example, I used a code from the above forum on two orders yesterday (split a $200 order into two, and applied the same $15 discount code to both), and it's still allowing me to use the same code for new orders today. Go ahead - try it - stick something worth over $100 in your basket, then cut and paste 5UKDK4CS into the 'add voucher code' box...
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  18. PerthMTB

    PerthMTB Likes Dirt

    Although they are multiple use, they don't last for ever. Most have an expiry of two weeks after being issued, so you'd better search at the time for a more recent one if you're not using it till next month.

    And... it depends on the time of year. There are a lot around at the moment because its a quiet time in the sales cycle in Europe so they're trying to boost turnover. Once the warm weather returns to Europe in a couple of months and sales naturally increase, there'll be less vouchers around...
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  19. Alo661

    Alo661 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    My order arrived last week, only my second order out of 10 that's come with one. Here's my voucher code: IG1CFGDP
  20. steve24

    steve24 Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Anyone got any wiggle codes???

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