The HiFi thread

Apologies for the long post.

So it appears I had a DAC after all, a WDTV which I have connect to my telly, my amp and my NAS. It all seems to be playing together nicely.

All my CDs were ripped using Itunes, i haven't done the Pepsi challenge between the ripped version and the CD, I'll probs just convince myself the CD sounds better.

The balance of my music were mp3s off easynews (fuck you Lars, I obtained Metallica and never listened to them because your drumming is so shit). Had a listen to Tool 10,000 Days and its a bit brittle at volume, like there's a bit missing. But Spirit Chaser by Dead Can Dance is great. So I'll probs get the occasional CD where it really matters (where I can, fuck you Maynard).


Now I'm using the NAS as a media server I am delving into an area that is well unknown for me. I originally went to the NAS coz I was scared of losing my digital photos and the videos of my kids. I have a QNAP 2 bay NAS with two 2 TB drives. One is the source data, the other is the RAID configured back up (I don't know what that means) and then I have an external drive connected for another back up. Its not a perfect system, theft or fire will see me lose everything but at least not drive failure.

I was using Twonky media server but it didn't pick up some go pro videos, it did pick up other go pro videos. Apparently its no longer supported.

So I need some advice as to how I best set this thing up now Twonky is kaput, I'd like to keep using the WDTV with the NAS, any thoughts ?

EDIT: I think the answer is use the native app for streaming video and music coz the WDTV is DLNA.
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