The "I will ride _____km in 2020" thread - commit and conquer here!!


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Cheers Johnny , the first week was tough as the impact of the injury was driven home by the doctor . I`m hoping I can be mobile in or within 6 months so that I can at least start some light training again .


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Committed for 6000km, got it on a ride home from work on Wednesday :)
Heading to Bright for Chrissy so should get a couple more on by the end of the year.

Happy with the year:
6008km - 3km more than last year so far :)
86581m elevation
Longest ride - 204km
Longest singletrack MTB ride - 51km
244 hours
Biggest climb - 1100m


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Bike related injury or something more sinister?
Kinda . Group ride catering to all abilities . We`d just come down a descent and we had some young kids with us . One got scared so I jumped off the bike and showed him how to approach . Then got him to jump on the bike and slowly come toward me whilst I walked backwards . My foot slipped then grabbed and it was like someone took to my leg like a sledge hammer . I then had to walk a k uphill to get out to where someone could pick me up . Not fun . Kid and parent felt so bad but it`s just the way it go`s . Don`t regret for second helping him out with skills , he was stoked when he rode the line and so was I whilst trying not to cry .
Equal measures of sucks and awesome... you can't worry too much about regrets or else you'd never leave the couch. I must admit that I expected a far more epic story behind a snapped achilles but am painfully aware of how often the simplest things can catch you out.


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Cracked out 80kms today, I've never backed up after such a long ride but tomorrow is the day.
Ain't given up on this puppy yet, 299kms to go.

Keep err lit !!! Its not easy, I've only attempted once before as we have always been away... which ended up having to do 330km on the 30th December 2014.
I have 274km left to do, so need to smash out a couple of big commutes to nightshift in the next 2 days, thinking 100km with bare minimum hills. I live at 330m and work at sea level so a regular commute is about 500vm, need to do them extra kms on the flats if I want to finish this.

The heat and winds are shit here in Adelaide so its not making it any easier.


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Didn't reach my goal of 3000km this year. Moving interstate, starting a new job, buying a new house, studying for a huge exam and acute respiratory tuburculomanfluitis in December stuffed me up. First year in a while I haven't done >4000km on my mtb.

Rides 109
Distance 2861km
Time 160 hours 19 minutes
Elevation 44,764m

Goal for next year will be 3000km again.


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My 2017 was:
8500m climbing
76 rides

I got really over riding at the start of the year, went overseas and rode a bike twice in 6 months. I've sold most of my bikes but really enjoying the solitude of a long road ride again now after a decent break and I reckon I'll get another MTB in 2018 sometime, would love a dually again.


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Can't remember what my km goal was for this year but I bet I'd be well behind, my work timetable is all over the shop and I get sent away with little notice, can't remember when I've had a full week at home!

I just ticked over 1,000 km for the year this morning. The majority of rides are generally short - 15 km return commute to the office (when I'm home) and typically only will do 15 km or so on the MTB in a session. My goal is just to beat the weekly average which is about 45 km a week.

Most of all I'm having fun on my bike and that's all that matters!
Ended up at 1,959km total for the year - reasonably happy with that total!


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Well done to all . No matter what your target and whether you smashed or fell short of or if its tarmac or trail , the thing to take out of all this is the fact that you got out and spent time doing one of the things you love . Happy new year all !


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Well done all. I wrapped up at 4597, just shy of new target but 2k clear of original. Johnny is already itching to change the title and get cracking on 2018!


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2200km this year. 2015 was only 1600ish, 2014 was 4100km. Oh childless life was easy. Need to look into options to drag the little man around soon.
25,766m climbed
90 hrs in the saddle
Works out to approx 55 bucks an hour based on 2017's guessed bike spend of 5k ish.

Work, kid, poor gut health. All took its toll.


Well at start of year I had a goal of 4,000kms.
A few things got in the way: 4 weeks of overseas travel for work, a back injury and a major project implementing Oracle at work.

So in August or September I revised that down to 3,000kms.
I made that goal, so I'm happy with that.

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Ended up with 4750km, just over 80000el, & a couple of min over 300hr. I have to work on some longer rides next yr than heaps of shirt ones. Strava reckons I had 180 active days. I tried 1 road ride last WK, as shit as I remember


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This is where I ended up. Snuck in two roadie rides to round out the year.

2018 I am not going to aim for more k's but will be adding gym work and would like to crack 100,000m elevation. Aim is to also race the SEQ Enduro series.


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Fat BIKE!! 1,730.9km
Niner 1,215.7km
Single Speed 148.5km

no shuttles in the elevation calculation and NO road bike