The last movie you've last watched last


Kink of the mountain
Currently watching Bandersnatch. Not sure if there is a right ending* or what is meant to happen but have ended up in some pretty funny situations.

*its the latest episode of Black Mirror which is a choose your own adventure - pretty cool idea and well executed.
I tried to watch this and honestly choosing just seemed inane and pissed me off I couldn't finish it. Even though it claims to be choose your own I noticed that you looped back to the other option several times as if it was leading you anyway.
*disclaimer this irritation may have been more to do with my mood than the movie but still....


Eats Squid
Mary Poppins Returns. Some nice wall riding, jumps and manuals, but ruined by too much singing...
Haha I took my daughter to see this today. The transitions they were riding looked pretty rad. Could spot the bmx and dirt jump frames hidden in the pack.

Cue popcorn

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I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore - Netflix. A bit different / offbeat in a low budget Fargo way. A change from the current run post apocalyptic and in your face big budget CGI stuff.


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Captain Fantastic
Really good movie. Raises a lot of issues to do with society and raising kids. There are moments where one will simultaneously agree with and disagree with the way the main character acts towards his kids. It's a fascinating story, can be a little heavy on the communist propaganda, but well done and raises a lot of questions


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What We Did On Our Holiday
Hilarious and awkward. Loved it and would definitely recommend it to others


I however am very normal. Trust me.
Bird Box. Jury still out.
Bird Box wasn’t great - not sure why it got the hype it did.
I thoroughly enjoyed Bird Box, although I admit it wasn't vaguely close to amazing. Odd choice to show the flashback scenes, so essentially you know at the start who lives and dies. The lack of a single jump scare and the ambiguity of the creature / presence was in its favour.

The only concept that would have been cool to throw in would be people who are immune, such as someone who as a child who lived through say the holocaust and seeing the creature, simply had no effect as they have already seen and experienced hell.

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Clinically Inane
Flying gives me the chance to watch movies and last night was true to form, shit film after shit film after shit film...

1) predator reboot - what a fucking crock! Cheese balled to the hilt, whack plot, shitty story, boring characters...

2) mile 22 - well it was pretty much what I expected - macho shoot orgy with heroic sacrifices and overly dramatic deaths as the good guys are slowly whittled down, a story that made not much sense that was filled with 1 dimensional characters and every cliche in the book.

3) Logan - this was probably one of the less terrible comic book films. But that isn't saying much given how poor it's peers are. I did get sick of the screaming roaring girl pretty quick though.

4) dead pool 2 - this tries way too hard. The forced repetitive jokes are tiresome.

Something that was ok as well...farenheight 451. Classic novel, well adapted and modernised a bit (eg drones everywhere, moves at a good pace and is reasonably tight.


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Hot Fuzz is great.

Just binged on The Umbrella Academy series on Netflix, highly recommended. Pretty original, plenty dark but enough quirky against the flow humour to keep it entertaining. Takes a couple of episodes to get into but well worth it.


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The Place Beyond the Pines. It's one of those films like Nightcrawler where you're sitting there, cringing in anticipation, going "nope, nope, nope".

The Reverend

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The Mule.
I'm generally a fan of most films with Clint Eastwood in it. This is ok, the pace is SLOW though so be prepared.

Worth a watch but I'd certainly not watch it again.