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Put me in the "don't bother" camp for Greenland. I like a crapoy disaster flick as much as the next person but this one had almost nothing to redeem it (maybe some of the sky/weather pattern shots?). Plot was formulaic in the worst way while not really making sense, every character made dumb decision after dumb decision (although COVID has shown this actually be accurate), and you don't even get to see the main event - or much of its aftermath except for the standard 'famous places' shots.

Triple 9 was a pretty predicable 'dirty cop' movie. May have just been my TV but it was really dark and there were a few scenes where I couldn't really make out what was going on. It probably trumps 'Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels' for worst strip club scene in a movie though...

Den of Thieves was watchable while being completely unmemorable, and you could tell that the director really wanted to create something that matched the shootout scene from Heat, but just couldn't quite get there. Hit on all the high points of cops crossing the line, cop relationships breaking down, and antagonist motivations being ignored or unexplored. Gérard Butler is in a lot of movies...


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WandaVision starts off a bit "WTF is this shite?" but there's some subtle clues to suggest it's not what you think. Then it's not what you think.
Been hoping this will be quite good (haven't watched any yet - but the premise is interesting). Plus I have a massive crush on Elizabeth Olsen.

Watched Battleship on Netflix last night. Disclaimer: this movie is seriously fucking stupid...

...but it has enough awesome shit, epic explosions and funny moments to make it worth wading through. Final fight scene is ridic, even has a cameo from some Straya RAAF Hornets.

Better than I expected.


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Worth watching if you have the ability to skip forward continuously & spend at most 10 mins on the whole thing:

Crocodile was an asshole. Most people deserved to die.