The new addition - Farkin fast!..


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True Bike Porn!!

Prone riding goodness!!

What as some of its features and specs?

Remember, you can't ride it like a Stab Primo... we don't want you to become another statistic!!


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did i ever tell you how much i love you? :p
my dads got a 750 gt and a 250 mach 1, i love the ducatis, no one makes things with as much passion as the italians, ducatis and all italian bikes are worth every cent


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sweet jesus!

dream bike alert! all u need is an absolute exotica pushy to go with and ur set!


1 word:............. DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much did that set you back? and im guessing A LOT! :shock:


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as we talked about the bike before there aint much i can say.....When i get my license back we will head off for some nice long rides!!!

Gotta get me a hardtail!!

my new saying is "hey its gunna be all goood its gunna be DanOmite"



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oh yeah

shoulda bin in red....... hmmmm i think that this fine example of italian thoroughbred is fine in any colour...........

I personnally would prefer black so as to stand out from the "i ride an italian and wanted it red so it throbs like SHPENIS!!!"


with that i sign off for today!!!


I'll tells ya!
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Yeah fuck shoulda been red!

If colour is the only thing wrong with it, then she's a wee ripper!!

Anyway, black is best :twisted:


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lol, the HT angles are pretty much the same!
i like the stab better. (can't transport ur bike on another bike!)

ona rampage

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In my previous life (i.e. before I was married) I had a 900SS (94 model) and then a 916 (one of the original single seat jobs), and I can not say enough about Ducati's; best handling bikes around, sounds like an orgasm (especially with carbon fibre Termi's on it), and as one bike mag once said when compared to the Suzuki twin, has more asthetic value in the brake lever then the whole Suzi....
And by god they love to mono!
Hope you enjoy.


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mate gunna have to hang with fullhouse so as to learn the basics of mono's. before ya know it you will be doin mono's while your sitting on the tank and your legs over the fairing...........!!!


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Well Ive seen em both in the flesh....and I still cant stand up in public....Grey def looks better than RED...especially when some nice dark pipes go on it...

Very sleek looking bike.....sounds awsome too....anyone that says anything negitive is just JELOUS....pussys...hahaha

Nice one BBMF.....lets see the duke hitting the Old Bathurst Road Downhill Tracks ;)




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Thanks for all of the positive responses guy's, as for the "Should be red" comments, if I wanted red, I would have fucking bought red..

I love my Ducati's. but 99% of Dukes you see on the road are red, I wanted something a little different..

You have to see it in person to appreciate the colour..

Carbon fibre Ducati Performance race pipes will be fitted on first service, chip reprogrammed with a larger airbox also being fitted and I'm still running the engine in..