The official "You're a fricken loonatic" thread.

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With no training or preparation I decided it would be a good idea to walk/jog from horsesshoe bay to deep cove over the north shore mountains on my own. I asked the cafe where I had eaten my pancakes with bacon where the start of the trail was and drew blank looks dipped my toes in the bay then wandered around till I went up the first trailhead I found. I eventually ended up on the Baden Powell trail and saw bears, chipmunky type squirrel things, had that unmistakable sense that I was close to a big cat. My knees eventually started to balloon up and seeize by Grouse mountain and I made the decision to pull out at Mt Fromme trailhead. I got to there in just over 5 hrs at about 2/3 of the distance which I was pretty happy with on first try. I found out later that they actually run an ultra marathon on the course called the kneenacker how appropriate. The top guys run the whole trail in a bit under five hrs, which if you have seen the terrain is absolutely nuts.


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Don't know if it's still going but a mate I trained with when I was doing ironman did an ultra triathlon. 15km swim. 4000km bike and 100km run. Was over 2-3 days in Canberra from memory.
The swim started at say 12pm then the bike started 6 hrs after that (not exactly those times but you get the idea). You got rest after each lap but not much if you did it slow. The 400km ride was on a 2km circuit!!! They swapped direction every few hours! Rob won it in some ridiculous time then jumped in the car to make it for work on Monday! The guy is an animal

Personally done a few ironmans, then adventure racing 1-2 days long (never made an XPD :sad:) and quite a few rogaines including 24 hr ones. That was before I'm lucky to train/ride a few hours a week. I liked the running events but sadly knees have said no more.


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Be warned, Be careful

Generally speaking, Ironman Triathlon and the people who "follow it" are...... different. In a bad way. I know, I used to be one. Try something else rather than Ironman, you'll thank me later.

And to the guy who said that he couldn't swim. Don't let that worry you. The closest that I came to swimming before Triathlon was nearly drowning twice. I taught myself how to swim by reading books and via YouTube. Swim Smooth is your friend. It took me 12 months to get up to swimming 4km "comfortably" through persistent effort.

I enjoyed Triathlon, just the Ironman groupies were a bit "Yukky".

I am looking forward to getting some time in the saddle on a MTB. It seems to be more low key.


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this thread seems appropriate

anyone doing this?

i just signed up, knocked out a few runs last week, will ramp that up over the next few weeks

just been for a local ride, usually takes just under 2 hours but today took over 2:15!!!
i blame night shifts
I've just signed up for the spring one with my brother and a friend. Pretty sure I'm going to get smashed; not really sure what possessed me to sign up for a half marathon course, given that I don't think I've ever run more than 6 kays at once, and that's probably because running sucks, and I suck at it.

On the plus side, some of the obstacles look like they should be fun.


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Just discovered this thread and thought i'd throw in a couple of rides i've done. Road rides, but none the less.

Both of these were for the Strava climbing challenge held last year and this year in July to coincide with the week in Le Tour where they ride through the Alps.

Last year: 301k's, 7200 meters climbed, 11 hours 15 minutes ride time.

This year (last Tuesday): 180k's, 6500 meters climbed, 7 hours 20 minutes ride time. Unfortunately I slept a little too long in the morning and ran out of daylight. Was hoping for 10 repeats but ah well.


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Awesome. Should have just gone to mount Murray road. The rest just saps the time. Gun club climb would have been another good one.