Thredbo DH #3 - Complete rider list now up


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do you have any photos of me
825 blue white green and gold helmet white fly top
black and white pants
and brown black kona stinky jr


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good work on the pics so far cant wait to see some more and cheers for the one of me rider 232.


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hey mate, very nice pics. hope you enjoyed that feast. also i knwo you said you were uploading more but any of 608, on a giant glory and severe kit wiht red TLD helmet

thanks mate


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Cheers for the comments
MattVincent, i must have just missed you! ... Apologies to anyone else i'd missed. I'm still uploading more photos, but the complete plate number list and photos uploaded so far can be checked out at


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Haha schnapped!
Mid "Hey.. isnt that Squid armed with a 435794mm and teh ext3nd0rrrr!?!" :D
There's a track near those bushes i promise... contrary to popular belief i won't be cranking with pics a plenty to satisfy Tom's e-needs (Photos of race participants only! ;))
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