Thredbo New All Mountain Trail

Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by Camdyson, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. Camdyson

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    Couldn't see a thread on this, so;

    Anyone have any info' on the new Thredbo All Mountain trail? - just saw a sneak peek on youtube and it looks promising (I ride a 6" dually). When do they usually have all the downhill tracks ready to use? I know they say the chair is running all year now, but presume there's still some work to do on the trails before they can reopen them after the ski season. Previous years I've not gone till early December.

  2. EsPeGe

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    Opening weekend is 14 Nov. I too am wondering if the AM trail will be open then. I did some riding with one of the Thredbo guys early this year and at that time he said they'd done almost half of the trail. That was Jan. Given the snow season would stop work from late May/early June until as late as now I'm curious to see if they've finished it. The fact that they are posting videos of it (it looks like Sh!tloads of fun) would seem positive.

    Myself and 6 mates are going to be down from Friday 13th till the Monday so if you need riding buddies there'll be plenty around.

    Cheers Scott.
  3. EsPeGe

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    I noticed today it's supposed to be open from the 14th but accessed via a temporary road which I guess means it's not quite finished yet. Still it will be a great addition to the trails there. I'm keen to ride it.
  4. Camdyson

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    Hi Scott,

    I noticed some trail building last time I was up there - think it was early May - but never realised what it was. If the vid' is any idication, it looks good.

    Nov. 13 I'll be in Bright so no go that weekend, but once I hear the new trail's open I'll be working on getting up there ASAP (bit of a drive from East Gippsland!)


  5. No Skid Marks

    No Skid Marks Blue Mountain Bikes Brooklyn/Lahar/Kowa/PO1NT Raci

    Guessing it might not fully open straight up due to moisture and work needed on it after winter. But I'd imagine sections will be.
    Sounds unreal from what Thredbo employees and locals have told me. The bits of it I skied in winter were rad. It's going to be awesome fun for sure. Hoping it doesn't get raced on before it beds in myself :nono:
  6. Camdyson

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    Just spoke to the staff on mountain - they are saying it will be ready for the opening weekend on 14th Nov, so you guys can christen it for us!

  7. Ky1e

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  8. DJR

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    I'm going down the weekend of 28th Nov :dance::bounce:. will make sure i get some gopro of the AM track. I wonder if it follows the Merritts Traverse line that used to be guided tours only.
  9. EsPeGe

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    Yeah I'm pretty excited. I've been keeping an eye on the weather etc and I reckon it will have bedded in nicely by opening weekend. Crossing fingers.
  10. DJR

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    Just FYI I asked Thredbo MTB on their FB page about the route of the AM track.

    They said they are currently updating the trail maps but basically the AM track follows the black/white "proposed trails" line that comes over from the top of the Kozi chairlift over to the ridgeline on the right hand side of the map below (on their website). From the look of it, it follows the old Merritts Traverse line which was only available if you were on a paid guided tour.

    Some other chatter on FB suggests 75% of it is complete (snowgums down?) but Dirt Art are on site at the moment doing more work on it.

    Can't wait to hit it at the end of nov. Will be taking the DH bike and XC/AM bike, might even take the bmx for the pump track

  11. EsPeGe

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    So has anyone had any news regarding this?? I heard a rumour from a mate who was buying a new bike in Canberra when the bike shop guy mentioned that someone had put some sort of formal complaint in 3 pages long with a whole heap of stuff that needed to be fixed. Nothing on Thredbo MTB facebook. Anyone got an in with someone in the know? Or is it just BS?

    Opening weekend is 10 days away. I'm heading down with a crew of 7, be there from the Friday afternoon to late afternoon Monday. Anyone else going?
  12. stickso

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    Sounds a bit odd - who'd even have access to the trail yet?
  13. DeBloot

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    From their FB page

    Open November 14th! New XC trails with multiple line choices, revamped Kosciuszko Flow Trail, beefed up Cannonball Downhill and the jewel in the crown, the Thredbo All-Mountain Trail with some of the most scenic gravity flow riding you will find in the country! See you on opening day....
  14. DJR

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    Yep it would seem odd to build a track and hype it up if there was so many issues with it. From the sounds of it, dirt art have been very active down there, building that trail, making more jumps down the bottom and generally making more trail goodies down there.

    Thredbo MTB on their FB pave say the new trail maps will be coming soon
    Can't wait to ride there on the 28th
  15. Knuckles

    Knuckles Burner

    IF it's true, sounds like one of those hiking weirdos has done a walk and made a list of things they claim will be destroying the environment. Erosion this, rare native weed that, at risk indigenous rock the other thing....
  16. EsPeGe

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    All to true but they wouldn't likely be putting up on the page "don't come it's not ready". From the sounds of what I heard if anything it might be NPWS. They are only recently getting on board with the MTB thing and may have a long list of requirements that have to be met. I'm only guessing here but from past experience with trying to land a helicopter in the park once, without refuelling (eg no environmental issues) it ended up being "fuck it, it's too hard". I hope it's just bullshit. It doesn't matter anyway cos I'm locked and loaded, booked and paid for. I just have to get my season pass and I'm good to go.
  17. EsPeGe

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    Also a strong possibility.
  18. sclyde2

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    i just happen to be doing a trip with the family to jindy (visit friends) that weekend. it looks like i have a leave pass to ride thredbo that saturday afternoon, so i'll be taking the bike (6" titus AM bike) down. i've never actually ridden in that area before, but it sounds pretty promising. i ahven't done shuttles in ages either.

    i recently got one of those newer gopros, so will get some vids up of it after i get back.
  19. EsPeGe

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    Cool mate you'll love it. Your Titus will eat it up. Drop me a PM if you want someone to ride with. Between the 7 of us we have shredders through to training wheels.
  20. DeBloot

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    Be sure to give us a ride report when you get back

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