Tour De France ROTORBURN League 2022


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Get on it, you have 3 chances from today (17th June French Time) to answer TDF quiz questions to try and get more points for trades.

You get 8 trades across the whole TDF, potentially 2 additional trades if you get enough points in the quiz.

TDF starts on 1/7/22, team rosters will be available closer to the time.

Join the league now no.28718 : Rotorburn TDF League 2022
Password : TXOU
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Random Krishna
Which teams have the juiciest doping programs Therapeutic Use Exemptions?
I note that chris froome was being dropped easily on the hard stages of the TdF "form guide race" the Criterium du Dauphine.
Old Mate not sucking down the Salbutamol so hard any more (no TUE?), and the younger, faster ones might be on some new generation gear.


Eats Squid
Jumbo Visma have the best program, but many of the team doctors are managing fine test results this year.

Things are ramping back up. This will be the fastest, and most heavily doped tour in history.

That will be no mean feat.


call me Cáitín
I've run this same league for about 6yrs now through work, I've just added another league onto the schedule.

This is also a 'custom' league as you can vary the amount of cash/points to start with, the normal is 120 points with big named riders usually costing 20-25 points each. This league is the same as my workplace one where I have made it 140 points, this makes it easier to select medium range riders without having to scour the tables for cheap breakaway riders.

It also makes it easier with the increased points as you should look at it everyday of the TDF. No point going from the flats to the mountains with a team full of sprinters or riders that will contend in a sprint.

You can only select 3 riders from the same team and cannot exceed 5 all-rounders, 3 climbers, 3 sprinters and 3 leaders in your squad. Sounds easy but all the big name riders are 'leaders'.

There are numerous cycling sites that give a day by day rundown with lists of favourites for the day ahead.


call me Cáitín
Just looked at the strava for the tour stages.

Stage 1, and 21 I can handle. A big fat nope for the few in between.
I got the email but is is subscribers only ?

Might need to take the Yoinkers subscription back, riding is out the window these days, replaced by gun building sessions at the gym and a girlfriend :p


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2 entered ! Get on it.

11pm Friday night is the first stage, 13km ITT to see who wears the yellow jersey on day 1.


call me Cáitín
Lonely 2 entered :(

1 day 8 hours till rosters close.

On the other league, what happens every year - I send out 30 invites, get 10 entrants, the TDF starts, people get the 'BUZZ' and now want to enter 2 days into the race where they will never make the lead up.

Get on it Roadieburners !