XC Tropical hardcore hardtail - Coming in September!


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is it worth pushing past vertical to see if you get the reach you want, might have to find some bars with less of a backsweep


Does my arse look big on this saddle?
10mm is an easy grab though...Slide seat back. If that doesn't deliver you can start looking a 5-10mm longer stem and a setback seat post.
The seat and seat post only really count if you want more room climbing.

10mm in the stem can make a good difference. Good start getting the stem down as well. You can always go for some higher rise bars as well to eek out a little more room if need be. All depends on how you like your bars to be rotated though...


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Struggling to install the dropper, specifically the trigger and cable. Brand-X's instructions are fucking shit, some crap almost photocopied bit of A4.

Would it kill these cunts to make a close up video of exactly how to route and tighten things?


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I run brand-X droppers exclusively, They’re great. The set-up is fairly straight forward. just go with what feels right, the vibe, using the instructions is admitting defeat anyhoo


Eats Squid
Sweet looking bike sir. glad it arrived safe an sound.

Took me a couple of goes to figure out the how the cable threads though the trigger both times I did it @HamboCairns ? I found it is easiest to do it before you clamp the tigger to the bars - you then have free movement to see what you are doing. Also before you go to town tightening the cable pull the post out and make sure the cable head and outer haven't moved in the post.


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Sorted! It would have been nice to know the grub screw is one side of thing you drop into the lever body.

Some better explanation and maybe a photo would be very useful here!

I make docs on how to use email templates, it's not hard to do so it fucks me off no end when they do fuck all to help those dipping their toe in the diy category for the first time!

As I seem to have lost every pair of pliers I've ever owned, the run off cable looks like a massive overgrown pube hanging from the lever mechanism. I'll borrow my friend's crimpers this week.

After all that bollocks, I might get a ZTTO lever anyway haha

Fuck it's midnight and fuck it's raining. Ah but my bike :)

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He will want you to buy in big, but I'm sure a man with your negotiating skills will be able to buy one for the price of ten.