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Thredbo, NSW, Australia (January 24, 2006) With the new year in full effect, the Utopia Optics mountain bike team started off once again on top of the podium! Utopia riders Nathan Rennie and Tracey Hannah both rode their way to victory having each secured the top spot in their respective categories as the new Australian DH Champions.

With what could almost be considered a world cup of its own, a star studded list of racers screamed down the lengthy, rock filled course. Even with picture-perfect weather conditions, riders still had to battle a deteriorating course which knocked out a few of the top contenders. Flat tires, mechanicals & injuries were common place throughout the weekend.

Elite Women

In the elite women’s final, Utopia darling Tracey Hannah was the odds on favorite to win. Still, she had to wait her chance, as the last rider down the mountain. After the field of women battled for their position on the podium, the crowed watched in awe as young girl, merely 17 years of age, screamed down the mountain. Tracey, who was the reigning Australian National Champ from ’05, crushed the field – 23 seconds faster than her nearest competitor.

1. Tracey Hannah (Utopia)

2. Emma McNaughton

3. Tai Lee Muxlow

Elite Men

During the elite men’s final, the crowd’s attention was fixed on fellow Utopia racers Jared Graves and Nathan Rennie. While Rennie was looking to redeem himself from his crash at the world championships, Graves was looking to carry on his impressive form from last season after securing the Sea Otter DH Omnium, NORBA DH championship and NORBA MTNX Championship.

With both riders screaming down the course, Rennie edged out Graves by just over 1 second.

Although ecstatic on his victory, Rennie was a bit surprised about his win. "I had started training a little bit but I kind of got caught up with Christmas and New Years a little bit but I'm looking forward to knuckling down and getting my training going. It is a good stepping stone to win a race I really didn't expect to win."

Unfortunately, last year’s champion Mick Hannah (Utopia) suffered a mechanical during his final run & finished in 13th place.

1. Nathan Rennie (Utopia)

2. Jared Graves (Utopia)

3. Chris Kovarik

4. Amiel Cavlier

5. Bryn Atkinson

13. Mick Hannah (Utopia)

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About the company…

Utopia Optics was born on the streets of Los Angeles and Venice Beach, California. In 1998, the founders of Utopia® set out to create a unique brand of eyewear geared towards the lifestyles of action sports athletes. An unrelenting drive for success has propelled Utopia® Optics into one of the fastest growing action sports companies in the world today.