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i use a sonyMV30i, its alright, but it lacks some of the gimmicky features such as night vision. it works fine when taking and exporting/importing video. it also has several shot features like spotlight/lowlight/sport/etc. its all i really need, and i got it at wholesale price.

looking at the specs of the one you suggested, it looks pretty good and i would recomend it, but then you gotta ask yourself, do you really need 120X digital zoom, a touch screen LCD panel, and let me tell you this, i work in a digital photo video cameras DO NOT take good still photos, and vice versa, a digital still camera does not take good video. it seems they are marketing this camera as being good at taking stills, if you want to take stills, get a still camera, makes sense dosen't it?

otherwise i think you should shop around a bit more, go to a camera store or retailer and quiz the salesperson. tell 'em your price range and what you want it for then when you found the camera you want, shop around for a good price.

well thats my opinion, i know it sucks but...meh


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thanks bonnet. I dont want it for stills, if i did id get a digi cam.

I like the size of this one, it looks a lot less bulkier than others


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the digital still camera im running takes decent movies for 30 seconds. only problem is the amount of shutter lag when taking stills, it's pretty old but it's still nice as.


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Lag on digi cams gives me the shits. It makes action shots a bit of a lucky dip affair, and I never get the good ones :(


panasonic is the way

u can get a nive pansonic didgital from like teds camera store and michales on elziabeth street in melbounre for around 909 on special for the end of finiacal year.........

10x optical zoom it can take stills and comes with all sorts of gizmos but i won a canon eos 30 slr camera 5 frames a second i am into photography!!! :shock:


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Simo said:
shutter lag sux
With most digi still cameras if you pre-focus (usually involves pressing the button half-way down) then take the shot, you can time it easy.


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with a little bit of practice, you'll find that most of your shots turn out.... about 9/10ths of mine turn out


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yeah the lags not a problem if you pre-focus like Kalem said. Fellcrag was the first time i did any real photo taking with my digi cam, and i think there was only 2 out of about 60 that were no good, and that was probably my fault anyway.


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i've been a big advocated of the little digtial camera till last weekend, i just couldn't get anything to come together, i didn't get one good shot out of 70, i'm going to start taking my SLR with me again just for the control you gain. (i should probably get my video camera fixed too)


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Ive got some dodgey old Analog one, pretty good for just setting it up in my backyard and filming myself on my bike so i can see what im doing wrong and stuff.


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After alot of research i am so confused on what camera to buy. It seems the really good ones start at $2k. Anything under is ok....

dammit why cant i get me a cinema camera for like $1000 :p

Anyone got any good aussie sites to purchase vid cams off? Ive been to but they only have canon and JVC to buy. Ive heard bad things about the Canon MV600/630 and 650 range, particularly the trouble they have filming in low light.



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So ive been searching (Oh no im turning into one of those ebay people) and reckon I have found a real good camera. Im just praying it doesnt go up to high thats all (although it probably will).




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looks pimp Josh,

i want ! although looks like im buying some Boxxer Race in 2 weeks .. so no money for me :(


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Yeh I think that wouldnt be too bad a cam... I have a Canon XM-2 that I use to film lots of action stuff with, and also a sony TRV-18E. I havn't used the sony for a while, but for the $1500 I paid for it, with the ability to provide good footage being the only prerequisite of purchase, it provided the same quality of image up to the $3300 just came down to larger megapixel stills and LCD screen ($2500) and the bluetooth compatible ($3300). What are you looking to use the footage for Josh? Just web streaming? Cause then putting a lot into the cam sould be a waste.

I suggest the SimplyDV website, and check out their bulletin boards. Thats where all the best tips are available, and really useful responses are always given to queries...