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Edited some video off my gopro in after effects today. Normally I just click export to get the final good copy of what I have made, until today I realized that the frame rate is only 12 fps :mmph:. I realized I have to go "render queue" select my format there and then render for the final copy. They problem I am having is that I need a format for 720 x 1280 HD that is fairly compact. I tried H.246 and It spat out 2 files that didn't work I also tried .avi but 3 mins of video was something like 18gb.

Whats the ideal format I should be using?


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How come your editing in After effects?
Do you have premiere?
Try exporting as a .mov and then re-render through 'Media Encoder' for YouTube or Vimeo (presets).
Or you could try opening 'Media Encoder', click 'Add' and select the After effects project then change the 'Preset' to h.264 YouTube or Vimeo.

I used to always use After effects to do effects then export the uncompressed mov to use in premiere so never had the trouble of direct h.264 output.
Most people don't use it for editing.



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video size

the overall size will depend on the actual bitrate you export as,

but when you export
i use these settings for web video (vimeo)

A bit of info here

Compression: H.264
Quality: High
Key Frame Rate: 24
Bitrate: 2400kbits/sec
Frame reordering: yes
Encoding mode: multi-pass (slightly better quality)
Dimensions: 600 x 360

hope that helps