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agent laraby

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cheers buddy felt i was bit behind the 8ball on the day, had abit on but got a few in there impretty happy with.

agent laraby

Likes Dirt
hi paul, yes i did but given your previous statements about our work i didnt think youd be interested in seeing them.

Its a good event weather was perfect eh, havent seen the times yet, how did you go ?
hope you had a good time at the event.

im sure someone got some awesome shots of you ripping up the trails that they will give you for free.

cheers duncan


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I thought you would have gotten over the feedback that I gave you or possibly taken it on board?

I don't recall saying I'd never purchase an image? I just said that I found a lot of the angles boring and not overly creative previously.


agent laraby

Likes Dirt
hi paul .
i listen to all feedback about photos some i agree with and some idont , no one ever stops learning. any one who thinks they shoulnt listen to feed back is doing themselves a diservice.

You did say that you thought my images werent worth purchasing. so thats why i didnt put any up of you. i just didnt think youd be interested.

next week when i have some time ill have a look through files and send you something .

have a good weekend
Cheers Duncan