westgate park


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It's under the Westgate Bridge in Melbourne. Give me a kick in the testicles over riding there any day. Although I've heard it's a great place to ride when you've got a kid and one of those pram-like things that attach to your bike and aren't allowed to venture any further afield...


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But I was expecting Rotorua.... :pout:

Nah I know its crap as I went a few years ago, but I work near there and was considering going out one lunch time.
It was built for dirt crits I think.


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Last i heard they stopped the dirt crits. Tim on here might comment further. From the full gas pedlers facebook page posted oct 2014:

We've been reminded by a few people in the last few days that we still have the calendar event up for the return of Dirt Crits which was going to happen on October 9th. Unfortunately, Dirt Crits aren't going ahead - here's why:
Three projects are going on within and around Westgate Park which affect the areas we use.
1. Ports are expanding the area for storing shipping containers, and for this they have to take the fence back a bit - which will go straight through the middle of the tunnel of love.
2. Melbourne Water are running a nice big water pipe to the Ports area, the alignment happening to be right down the middle of the rock garden section. So we've lost that too, and the trail that's lived on the other side for a good part of 8 years.
3. In the spirit of "share the park", Friends have decided the access road down the middle should be a commuter path linking Lorimer St and Todd Road, and argued that rather than sensibly aligning this down the fenceline, down the middle of where singletrack would cross it is a much more sensible alignment. And that mountain bikers shouldn't be allowed to cross the path, because they kill something like 427 commuters annually. Actually we probably shouldn't say sarcastic things like that or people will start to believe it. Either way, it means even once Ports are done, we won't be permitted to use Tunnel of Love anymore.
As you can see, that's a lot of trail lost.
We have had the opportunity to go and build more new, replacement trail - but it was effectively going to mean building >2km of trail in just six weeks, with far insufficient manpower to get it done. These were planned as a section of berms and up and down switchbacks through the trees, between the two firetrails leading to the pump track, and a section of singletrack linking out past the old ups and downs on the North side. However, getting these to actually go ahead is a different story.
As such, there's no trail to race crits on - and no Dirt Crits to be raced before New Year.
Hope that's a detailed enough explanation.