What are you listening to NOW?


Eats Squid
I tend to go through periods where I just binge on early 90s stuff like Fugazi, Unwound, Jawbox and Slint. Now added Drive like Jehu to that roster and they're perfect. Haven't formed opinion on the better album yet...

Added them to my collection now
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I am familiar with it all being a complicated technical achievement, I'm just not excited enough by it as a sound. That's probably my lack of musical skills.
Recently I have been giving fear innoculum a fair whirl, it has grown on me but

"I still feel like I've been here before, feels so familiar etc etc"

If I find a way to look past that I enjoy it, and then to poodles point it does feel a bit

And not



what is a yous
Adam Beyer's Drumcode podcast.

Heading to Pure 2020 in April which will be all sorts of fun so getting my techno on!!!


veni, vidi, volanti
Pretty nerdy and not to many tastes - but a favourite album from many many many years ago. And I found a bunch of Al Stewart LPs I'd been given from my best friend's Mum after he passed. Good memories attached, and I still like this album.


pink poodle

Our man in the West
Old school rap mix on you tube. It's not all that old school, but some good 90s tunes in there. What else do you listen to while in the shed undertaking the dreaded board wax and tube? It's - lots of degrees out here and the tiny heater is struggling!