What companies off proper MTB tours like Sacred Rides?


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Hey all,

As per the thread title: What companies offer proper MTB tours like Sacred Rides?

I'm aware of Gravity Peru/Bolivia but I am more of an XC guy.

I have also heard TwoWheelTours does some good stuff in Aus/NZ.

My reason for asking is that I have a bit of time off between 11 June and 5 July, but as my family is going to be overseas I thought I'd also jump on a plane to somewhere and get some awesome riding in!

Unfortunately, Sacred Rides' dates don't line up for me.

Anybody have any suggestions. Literally happy to go anywhere in the world, would prefer something in the order of a 10 day tour.

If all else fails I guess I can do another Vancouver/Whistler/BC trip #firstworldproblems :p

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Cairns MTB Tours get decent reviews, although they don't run the sort of epic tour your after, I'm sure if you took a 6" travel bike up there you could ride most of the trails up there and then go for a drive and ride in the Atherton forest which would probably take around 10 days to conquer. I'm going on a tour with them after the WC's so i'll be sure to chuck up a review or something when I get back to freezing and boring Victoria


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I would be heading to Europe. I have done several 7 day trips in the Alps self guided but there are heaps of companies that do week long tours. Should be perfect weather.

If you are interested I can give you some good info on rides you can do by yourself, it's a lot easier than you may think but you will need some fitness....


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Cairns is great, plenty of places to ride between Atherton and Smithfield. Did 4 days their and barely scratched the surface.


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+1 for the Alps.

Had a family holiday over there a few years ago, and managed to sneak in a couple of day rides, an all day lift assisted epic starting at Zermatt in Switzerland, and a day's DH at Les Gets in France. Both days were magnificent.

A multi day European Alps ride is a bucket list item for me - do you think you could squeeze me into your bike box??