What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Rode Chandler in brissy on my meta hardtail. Some really steep, rocky tech. Only one shin was harmed when I over shot a lander and one of my feet slipped off the pedal


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Wow.. I used to work for Duncon bike company for a little while in about 2007-08. How long you have it? Props for keeping that fossil alive!
Hello my new favourite person! I picked up the frame off Facebook in November last year.

Built it up around New Year's and ridden it pretty much every day since.
Would be cool to hear something about DunCon. Even the internet doesn't seem to know much about them. Were you Aus based, or elsewhere when you worked for them? Do you know who imported them?


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Couple of rides this weekend. Took the beautiful girlfriend to the skills park. She had fun and went ok but was back taking both feet off the pedals when the bike got even the least bit wobbly. She's gunna have a big crash soon but regardless of what I do or say she doesn't listen.:eek:
She just rides like a 5 year old who's just taken the training wheels off but I'm doing as much as I can.
Also took the gsp dog for a run, she's almost as bad, doesn't listen and runs off but she was better this time and absolutely loves the decent. Rails the berms and scrubs the gaps like a pro.