What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


Max Pfaff
Great club event last night. Finished around 7, rushed back to my mate's place and he spent the night building me a new wheel, using existing spokes/hub. Just in time for Thredbo tomorrow!


And for the Banshee fanbois - Also at the club ride was a new Titan. Hot damn that thing is nice!



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Forgive me for I have sinned. I truly am bad.
just got around to cleaning my bike from Apollo bay mud fest last Sunday.
It was a riot and just about every one of us had an off.
including one unfortunate fella that ended up being carried out by the SES with spinal injuries.


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Got cleared from a broken wrist today, the last lingering injury from the Bay of Fires trail in Tassie. X-ray and ultrasound clear, swollen joint is causing pain and hand/finger numbness as its pressing on my carpal tunnel, Doc says anti-inflammatories and it should be good soon... then the fact im old is a multiplying factor.

MTB is now back on the cards.

So, new Assy-guy on the back, new Ergon saddle, new pads front and rear... and a blue spring from Cyclinic, got my expected sag and the ACS3 spring fork conversion is buttery smooth. Still only got 135mm max travel but I was going easy'ish on XC trails, a few jumps and techy bits but that's ok + I got the fork converted from 150mm to 160mm at the same time so got 25mm in reserve.

One thing I have notice is my confidence has taken a hit... very cautious, the fear of crashing is strong. Noticed I am pointing toes down and drifting wide on corners, rather than heels down, pushing the knobs in and looking ahead on the trail :mad:

+ with the injuries, broken ribs, wrist and other annoying shit, I have hardly ridden in 6 weeks and been smashing the beers, gone from 85kg to 91kg and lost a lot of fitness.