What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Took a chance on Aliexpress again & bought one of these so I have an oval chainring in approximately 2 months when places start opening again. Curious to see whether it makes like cheese and bends on the first outing.

Cardy George

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Rode it for a long time and a long way. Then the sky fell out of the tube and I had to flog my sorry arse for 25k on a spongy tire cos this fuckwit can't find his CO² inflator and wasn't carrying an adaptor for servo air.

If you look just to the left of the tree you can see the colour difference between the Murray and the Darling.

It actually made it 40km with this before it finally gave up

Daniel Hale

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mulleted the turner, it’s 26 but run 27.5 - rear is tight so found a 26” xr3 tyre, then didn’t have a 142x12 26” wheel, found an old roval which had 26” slicks -then remembered i had a 700c cross roval wheel - same end caps , pumped the tyre up last night, taped rim -went up tubeless first time..so win/win.have a heavier tyre for mud now, feels good with the mullet. keep the 27.5 rear for summer/dry conditions

also swapped the monarch rt onto the polygon, the ol rs 4.3? it had on had seen better days, tried to swap hardware to 6mm, but frame wouldn’t coop -so swapped in old 8mm hardware,