What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

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Sorry to hear, Chriso. But has me thinking, are we all too old for this shit? Maybe time we start lobbying for softfall trail surfaces, like on the kiddies playgrounds.

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Those things aren’t soft. It’s all a lie. I’ve hit the deck sessioning things on the bmx’s waaaaaay too many times on those squishing but super hard friction burn inducing surfaces.

And no, we aren’t too old at all. If we stopped crashing and needing medical help, all those dr’s and surgeons wouldn’t be able to buy their yeti’s and the economy will collapse.


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Cheers guys,

Clean break, through the clavicle.
On my way home again, with only a sub for panadole fort lol. How do you get the good stuff ha ha.

Least now I know what these feel like and wont ride home if there's a next time!
If you go back to the GP they will most likely give you something stronger, they offer them willy-nilly up here when you're over 40.