What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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This morning I visited @ashes_mtb to pick up the bars and stem he kindly offered to loan me. This evening I popped my tubeless cherry and managed to seat my first tubeless tyre ever using my old track pump. I used these instructions to partially seat the bead on each before I started pumping like a madman but I was surprised how easily it inflated .Linky No sealant yet as I going to fit this on the front to see how it fits before I decide on a front tyre. Then I put some more parts on so it started to look more like a bike than a frame and I think its time to start a PYR.
The new to me workstand is way better than the Aldi one but the horizontal clamp still slips a little if the bike is unbalanced.

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I swapped my Sam Hill pedals with my old Neutrons to see if the clunking is from the pedals and they do the same.

I fear the crank arm pedal threads may have stripped (not uncommon on Suntour Zerons apparently).

I guess I'm saving up for Deore or SLX cranks.


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Picked up a second hand CX/Gravel bike. Something I’ve wanted to try for a while and couldn’t go full roadie. Apparently was a National Champs bike. So it’s been tweaked from standard kit.

Bianchi Zolder
1x11 (with a chain guide)
Sram Force Drivetrain and brakes
Some killer hub that sounds like a Hope
Running some 35mm Schwalbes

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