What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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For rotors, yep. Cooking for pads.
Haha - I learnt that from you! I now keep a small cast-iron (camping style) frypan especially for cooking pads. I still like to give them a rinse in Isopropyl first too though as it helps draw some of the oil out, and reduces the total amount of oil in the pads to cook off. Amazed me how hot I had to get the buggers until it worked fully, but works amazing well (well, with the sintered pads I've tried - organic would make me a bit more nervous...)

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I take it you're single then
Unattached is how I'd put it...

God knows what PP is.
He is tired and broken.

Tried to put the headset in the Orange. And failed... Cant for the life of me get it to go in straight, and I'm not inclined to force it.

Might be a trip to the bike shop where I hope they have a better press.

Had to dremel down a weld blob too - they had had a rough go at it at the factory, but it was still proud and would have jammed the headset.
Are you sure you can trust the bike shop? I know they aren't tradies, but they use job titles like "mechanic".

Just use a hammer like the rest of us!!!

1 1/8 totems

no star nut installed, steerer uncut

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Porn porn porn! And the tracer dropouts too...

A wanker?
That is a poorly kept secret.


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*Car Brake Cleaner - Car brakes operate at a substantially higher temp than MTB's - Car brake cleaner also often has additives to make them shiny etc that will not be burnt off when using for MTB's
*Isopropyl alcohol - Cleans as well as evaporates easily and quickly and leaves no residue - can also be sprayed directly on other items and not effect them. (Make sure you use 100% not rubbing alcohol etc)
*Cooking pads - If you brakes are squealing they are contaminated - burn off the contaminates (oil - dot fluid - grease) by heating the pads - I personally prefer a BBQ as its outside and you may stink up the place - Ovens are also often used - how varies I have always done it backing side down on a BBQ plate - Others use propane torches - oven 200deg for 20 mins - oven when in pyrolytic cleaning mode (gets hotter then)

Now if you GooGle it you will find:
  • 1 million people using Brake Cleaner and swearing by it - 1 million people calling you an idiot
  • 1 million people cooking their pads - 1 million people laughing at you in disbelief
  • 1 million people buying new pads - 1 million people putting up with the squeals and poor braking


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Soooo, Shouldn't use soapy water to wash them ?
i take mine into the shower with me .

we get all muddy n dusty n then hot on the downs cool on the climbs .... and then its brrrrr grrrrr when I'm pulling that lever hard .

All the way to the finish

ohhhh,,, Brake Pads ?

yeah i use brake clean, isoprol on the discs .