What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

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The pedals are fantastic - when I got them there was only black available though! Think I'll chuck the black ones on the hard tail, and get green ones for my Process (same colours as @wkkie 's one)!
I love them, put them on the Rune first, then another pair for the Spitty. Will probs chuck some on the Sunday too.

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Bought a new (to me) nomad 3 cc frame. Need to get rid of the sb66c frame now. Wonder how it will compare to the rune...

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the drizzle

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New European whip?
Depends on what I prefer to ride. Whichever i like the least will come to Europe and my main sled stays in Aus.

Will run this frame with the rune build and elevensix for a while and see how i like it. Might build the rune up as 26" for Europe.

Not sure but the price was to good to refuse. Just need to sell the yeti frame now.

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Practiced for a bit of sand in a forthcoming event ride. Managed not to make an arse of myself. Broke things up with some rocky firetrail climbs and descents that added interest and a small measure of alarm with so many sandstone floaters... I'm a deeply out of practice descender!!


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@Zaf reminded me this morning that I hadn't given him shit about his boat anchor for a while, so I dutifully gave him shit. Two weeks and counting buddy.

Conveniently back at the bat cave, my red bling bling, Oneup dropper and Wolftooth remote turned up. I'm looking forward to clocking up some more quality time on the Pole this weekend... in the bush! BOOM!

I'm also looking forward to sending Zaf lots of pms with pictures of me riding the Pole while he's at home jizzing cream and watching the Bachelor. Woot!

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So much green in that photo !
Dropper all good ?
Works a treat. Adjusted the head so the cable runs along the non drive side. Pumped up the internal pressure while I was at it, then redid the cable setup. Will give it a proper workout in the morning
Rode a couple of repeats of the lower section of the DH track at Ourimbah until it started raining. Trying to get better at jumping and stuff.

Did I have a rare poodle sighting? I did see a bright green blur on the DH track.


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Took the ghost to meet its new owner today. I pulled it out of the car as he was walking up the driveway and was greeted with "no way, sick!" And "siiiiiick!". Poor bugger is up for a hip replacement and can't even get in his car without lifting his leg with his hands, but he still refused to leave it alone and insisted on jumping on getting a feel for it. Tried to give me more when I told him it came to $350 to build it, fuck yeah this stuff make me smile

Then went for a ride and broke my shock a couple of km before I finished. I guess it's better than the start of the ride. Boo-erns

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Summit built that for you last year yeah - IG says new stem & seat since?

Oh, and tidied the TBc cabling as I finally pulled my finger out & swapped the leaking rear caliper with the SLX Moorey kindly supplied:

Cable routing the same, just heatshrink instead of cable ties. Silly U.S. rear brake guides force this around & over manoeuvre. Works really well.

Could probably take another inch out of the rear brake hose but meh.
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Put on a new seatpost, saddle and crank-boots, change the grips to something a bit thicker , then hacked up an old tube to wrap the chainstay.

On installing the post I extended it for the first time and discovered this...is it something I should be concerned about?