What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Doesn’t look great. What’s the history of the post ? Is there something sharp under the collar ?
Not sure, I bought it second hand and apparently it was only used for 6 months, I haven't had it apart yet but it's in good knick apart from the scratches on the stanchion.
More runs at the DH track, rode up demtel twice to the bottom of the timber ramp drop and then down the DH track.

Holy sheeeeeit, riding that stuff is like crack. Demtel is a bitch hill but after one run I had to have another.

Came across some hiker chick the second time on the DH track, my girlish squeals and giggles gave her plenty of warning.

Does a 50 year old man have any right looking at full face helmets ?

PS: I love my Prime.


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Summit built that for you last year yeah - IG says new stem & seat since?
Sharp eyes, they did indeed. New Pauls Box Car stem and SMP saddle.
Only realised yesterday that the saddle was waaaaay too laid back/nose up and was making my hips rotate backwards too much. Got home with a sore lower back, tilted the seat forward, feels like a new bike!


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Did some test riding of the big black di... I mean Pole. When will I learn. Night rides are a really bad time to test ride a new bike. The Pole picks up speed quicker than the SAM and the new pads aren't bedded in yet, so almost ran off the track a few times.

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Similar age and I've got one. It encouraged my mates to invest in one. Can't risk the money maker. :^)
And I love my Prime too!
Check out the mtb direct clearance page. They've got some good deals on Tld and Bell helmets.

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Spent an hour yesterday cleaning and adding sealant, air, lube to the big girl yesterday afternoon. Surprisingly the brakes and gears were fine after 2 years in the shed.

Today I went for a tootle. Started a a ride but my legs started to hurt about 3 minutes in so i just settled in enjoyed the sunshine at Lysterfield. Now have jelly legs to go with my jelly belly. Need to do more. Comparing strava times with my mates i have about an hour to make up on the regular lap. Way better than sitting on the couch.


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View attachment 347206 Stayed on it, and won round 3 and claimed the over 45’s King of Ballarat DH series.
Big ups to @Boom King on taking series 3rd, and @Markee for overall second in 35’s, missing the win by a bees dick.
Felix took the overall 2nd in U15’s.
And a well deserved win by a dominant @moorey. All hail the

I feel for Felix with his big off on Saturday but to his credit, he stayed in it for due reward. He will only get stronger as a result.


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But it's flat?
Yeha I know!
It's an impressive effort though, the fashion faux pas we spotted so far:
- Bell Super Full face (yes, it is a crime in an of itself)
- Glasses/Fullface
- Twat gap for DAYS!
- E-Bike
- Fingerless Gloves
- Tight short shorts
- Sneakers
- Women's Fox Jersey​

It think it's a high score as far as seeing them ALL together at once.
But it's all forgivable, because of that #enduro approved handlebar mounted brass-dinger-alerter.
I think it's the most impressive effort I've seen to date. But I think a lot of this is a problem to do with people misunderstanding "Enduro" for "XC Marathon" when they walk into a store. Better go hide before @The Duckmeister comes and grills me about how XC had "enduro" before Enduro was a thing.