What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Minlak, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Minlak

    Minlak Pyromaniac

    Might have meant Piked but poked works as well too as they fucked off.
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  2. mtb1611

    mtb1611 Seymour

    Headed to Mill Creek for a very rare school night MTB ride, specifically a ride event for the Santa Cruz Syndicate. Marc (on the left) and I have been riding together since '93. Today Greg Minaar got to ride with us; isn't he a lucky boy!

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  3. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Eats Squid

    huh, missed out on that one. RIP
  4. beeb

    beeb Likes Dirt

    Two days of this (Falls Creek) was pretty damn fine.

    Took precisely zero pictures of either myself or mates while riding because we were too busy riding to remember. Rode (including shuttles and brief lunch obviously) from 9am-3pm Saturday, 10am-4pm Sunday and don't think we waited more than 5 minutes for a shuttle pickup more than once. Sunday morning there was some storms in the early morning which made for a slippery opening couple of runs, but "hero dirt" in the mid afternoon. So anyway - I'm am pretty well stuffed, but very happy.

    Only negatives were vague signage around the top half of the mountain (trying to work out how tracks link together is a nightmare), and personally I found the stuff up the top half of the mountain verging on being too rocky for the 5010 (low BB and 175mm cranks proved to be an awkward combination), but the lower half of the mountain in Flowtown was awesome and ended up being what we mostly rode.

    The upper third of the trail is still pretty rocky and chattery but was fine once I adjusted to it, got the suspension dialled and could just commit to a corner and wait for the front to hook up with me hanging as far forward as possible and the back end still slightly sliding around. The downhill bit in the middle section of the trail (between the two main "uphill" sections) is flowing crazy smooth and fast right now. After a couple of runs I found myself gaining heaps of confidence and going accidentally so much quicker I had to start taking rollers as proper doubles to not find myself landing on takeoffs - But what a speed rush! You get awful close to those trees when pumping and jumping along there and had to pull the shoulder in a couple of times, but avoided disaster luckily! And then the lower section's 'rollercoaster' undulations and gradual bends were just about the best thing I've ever ridden and felt like they were custom built for the 5010. Just pump, pump, pump, pump and GO!!! The amount of speed you can build without pedalling through there is insane - holy sh#t it was fast and fun!

    After all was said and done - Post ride, post bike wash, rancho relaxo...

    (Apologies for the essay - I'm way overtired but equally overjoyed!) :)

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  5. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Nice! I love Falls but from memory High Voltage felt more like a black than a blue, but still a ton of fun. I really like the stuff on the other side that starts from the top of the ski runs and finishes down at the Hoot pub. Have only been up there once since Flow Town was built and I wasn't shuttling so I only did it once, in the pouring rain so I'm keen to head back for a shuttle day.
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  6. beeb

    beeb Likes Dirt

    High Voltage is graded as a Black run these days, but it wasn't the bit that bothered me. It was the continuation of the trail called Wishing Well (Blue run), that was giving me grief. Lots of short sharp pinch climbs over exposed rock crests just saw me getting tangled. Yes, my climbing skills could be a lot better but I rode it last year in torrential rain without major issue (still tangled a couple of times) so it surprised me a bit I got hung up so much this time.

    Worth noting I mostly love flow descents whereas other love techy bits, so horses for courses and all that!
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  7. Lazmo

    Lazmo Old and hopeless

    Falls is ace. It was a while ago now, but we were climbing near the main lifty bit and got chatting with a parks guy who worked on the trails. He told us where to go for a pickup to the top. He dropped us at High Voltage which was where my wife really bonded with her stumpjumper. She was freaking at the start, but to her surprise got through a few bits and then she was away. Still, plenty of bits got walked by both of us, as we's old, and just want to ride as long as possible. But yeah how good is flowtown. Just amazing, for ages and ages, the entire way down is ace. Then there he was, ready for the pickup and delivery back to the car. One perfect day...

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  8. slider_phil

    slider_phil Likes Dirt

    Interesting! Last time I rode High Voltage it was a blue. I've busted a rear carbon rim with a good rock strike at the bottom of Wishing Well. It was on our honeymoon too. My wife also gained a ton of confidence after a few days riding up there. The rocks got to her on the first day but soon she was smashing right through them.

    I've gotta get her back up there as it's been nearly a year off the bike for her while she's been focusing on running.
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  9. gippyz

    gippyz Likes Bikes

    Installed this little gem cc db coil on my liteville 301. Need a bit of "persuasion" (if u know what I mean) to fit it in, but so worth it. Huge improvement to the stock fox rp23 on it.

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  10. Lazmo

    Lazmo Old and hopeless

    Camping at Forrest. Rode J2 the correct way for the first time. Much better duh. And some super loop too. Got a fire going.
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  11. Rode into work on the jump bike. Swooping season must have stopped just this week, first peaceful ride.
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  12. Andy_Ryder

    Andy_Ryder Likes Bikes

    Last night I was bored, I have had a creak in my headset for a few rides now and I finally couldn't take it anymore (Renthal Far Bar Lite and Apex Stem).

    Pulled it all apart incl. dropped fork, inspected bearings etc, grease, reassembled, found star nut in steerer a bit off centre (used a spark plug socket and tapped it straight, tightened top cap gently just to pre load with hardly any torque at all, did up stem bolts 5.5nm, took for ride around block popping wheelies and manuals everywhere, no more creak thus far.

  13. boyracer

    boyracer Likes Bikes

    Broke a carbon crank on CX commuter and didn't rag. extra ration of beer tonight! GT
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  14. Lazmo

    Lazmo Old and hopeless

    CDB82573-A598-43F5-BFD1-F608CA13534E.jpeg Oh no, it’s tomorrow already. This morning at Forrest before the heat we rode up Barlidjaru trail towards Lake Elizabeth, then down Red Carpet. Awesome fun, some berms near the bottom, are either new or I’ve forgotten about them, what were we talking about? The rest of the day was great too, brewery lunch, Beauchamp Falls, seafood at the Apollo Bay pier, open fire, kick footy, beer, shiraz, etc.
  15. Cardy George

    Cardy George Likes Dirt

    Bit of resistance training this month

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  16. Ultra Lord

    Ultra Lord Eats Squid

    But you won’t put a dropper on............
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  17. nzhumpy

    nzhumpy Likes Bikes and Dirt

    The maggies should've stopped swooping by now.
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  18. Spike-X

    Spike-X Grumpy Old Man

    Red Carpet is the best. That climb is a bitch, though. I need to figure out how to shuttle it some time.
  19. moorey

    moorey Peladophobic

    Evacuated them all for the second time in 3 years due to bushfire. This time was too close for comfort.
  20. hifiandmtb

    hifiandmtb Sphincter beanie

    It's shit to the power of shit, but get used to it @moorey.

    If this is what's now happening to sub-tropical rainforest, who knows what'll happen in your neck of the woods :oops:


    I'm enjoying the RNP now, the next fire through here will be a doozie...
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