What do your kids ride?

Discussion in 'Vets' started by kapitaal, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. kapitaal

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    I've been looking for a decent bike for my 6 yr old and I'm seriously disappointed. My heckler weighs less than some of the crap for sale out there.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good quality kids bikes? Scott have a 20 inch and the Cube ones look good but are they available in aus or should I get a small bmx?


  2. 4dabush

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    Aimee (5) has a GT El Centro 16. Yes small bikes seem a bit heavy, but the GT had an o.k. spec and I didn't want to buy a race bike as this is her first 2 wheeler and needed trainers etc. (She's right with the handbrakes, her 3 wheeler was a freewheel setup with handbrakes). Warning though, all the bearings were done up real tight and dry, so a strip, grease and reset of wheels, pedals, headset and BB means she now out rolls me! Looked at Wethepeople, DK's and a couple of others. The WTP was a bit lighter, but double the price.
    Good Luck!
  3. BT180

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  4. harmonix1234

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    My little one (5 years old) has a giant 16 inch.
    Proper spoked hubs, alloy frame, good quality drivetrain and components (singlespeed). Cost about $200 retail.

    Only prob though, the brake levers are way too tough for little hands. It has a back pedal brake though.
  5. MrsH

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    Our (almost) 5 year old rides a Mongoose 16" BMX we bought off ebay. Hubby is building up a 20" bmx for his next bike. I really like the Giant kids' bikes but they all seem overly heavy (compared to BMX) so can wait a few years yet.

    Another kids' brand that seems quite good is a Byk, although they are not MTB's as such http://www.bykbikes.com/kids-bike-range/e450-kids-bike
  6. oliman

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    I checked out lots of bikes for my older kid when he turned 7. MTBs seemed too heavy, forks a joke. Went with a 20 inch giant bmx, just had to change the brake levers to a pair which had adjustable reach. Works well and we have taken it out for some cross country. On another note, got my 3 year old a kazaam balance bike, best decision ever- learnt how it works in a day, doesn't have problems with annoying training wheels and we should be able to pass it on to many more kids.
  7. JP

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    Our oldest has a 16" Apollo thing. As has been said, the brake levers are too hard for her to use but it has a back pedal brake so all is good. It also has a basket and a dool seat which is all important to young ladies apparently. An annoying horn, drink bottle and spookie dookies (as she calls them) round out the package.

    Instead of buying a balance bike, we bought a small bike off ebay, a 10" I think, and removed the cranks and everything else that wasn't absolutely necessary and let the kid push around on that. When her confidence was up the cranks and pedals went back on.
  8. Kris_on_1

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    My 9yr olds have both got mtb bikes - one is on a Mongoose (cause it's pink and white) and the other on a Giant (he wanted green).

    I made a fatal error when I bought the youngest his bike and it was always too big for him. In nearly 2 years he's sat on it when it's been in the wind trainer only. Maybe I'll try to remove the cranks and see if he's prepared to try it as a push bike instead. Though I'm sure I run the risk of never finding all the bearings again once I do this.

    Given how quickly kids grow out of things, how do you judge what size bike to get your kids? I'm very tempted to see if I can 'fit' them on to a full size 15" bike by changing handlebars, etc
  9. Cooch

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    I've built a couple of kids bikes for the circa 10 year olds:

    The main issues that arise with kids bikes are:
    1. The lack of good brakes. V-brakes give kids massive arm pump as hard to squeeze and the lever throw is way too much for little hands.
    2. Gears on a (out of box) kids bike are usually crap
    3. Suspension on a (out of box) kids bike is also usually crap.

    Here are two bike builds I've recently done on a 24 inch platform for pre-ten year old kids:



    The Banshee Rampant (short) made an awesome platform for a full suspension kids bike, running 24 inch wheels. Dad picked up the frame cheap on ebay, then we built it up using Dad's reject parts from all his other bike upgrades:


    Both these bikes have awesome suspension, hydro disc brakes with adjustable levers and good drivetrains so the changes are easy and intuitive for the kiddies!

    If you want more pics or info, follow this link here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/By-ap...803?v=photos&sb=8#!/photos.php?id=34450794803
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  10. UncleFeet

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    ...My 7 yr old rides this Giant MTX 150, a nice little bike. stretched him out a bit, but as he is growing he is getting heaps more control over the bike...he rips down the trail, floats along in the neutral position, beautiful to watch...


    It's a sweet little frame...some weak spec but it did cost only $300 new...
  11. MrsH

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    Our boy had a First Bike balance bike as his first bike and moved to a 12" bmx when he was three. It's awesome watching him ride now, so confident and really well skilled. Friends often ask how long he's been off training wheels and are astonished when we say he never had them.

    Love spookie dookies :D

    I am not sure on the science but I based fit on when it 'looked' right and when he felt comfortable. FWIW our boy will be moving onto a 20" bmx sooner than later. He turns 5 in a few weeks but is almost outriding the 16" (they need bigger chainrings!).
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  12. rone

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    Have to agree. My 3yo has a First Bike balance bike and he rips. I didn't want to be one of those pushy dads so I got him it and let him approach it at his own pace and now we can't keep him off it. He's a natural, unlike his Dad who has to work at it!
  13. void

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    daughter is currently in a weeride...
  14. Moggio

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    My daughter rides one of these as well.... She has a lot of control off road.. I think the geometry works well and the brakes actually work well unlike on a lot of BMX bikes I have seen other kids riding.

    It is quite heavy though (for the price it doesn't have lightweight components) and when she realises it weighs more than my bike she gets a little cranky.
  15. indica

    indica what is a yous

    My son (5) has

    and is getting


    His 8 y.o. sister rides the girls version of that.
    We ride single track and fireroad XC with them.
    They happily do 15 k rides.
    Good stuff.
  16. MrsH

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  17. gixer7

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    Man, if I'd had one of those when I was a kid I reckon I would have grown up to be a rock star instead of an accountant. I blame my parents:)
  18. skybustim

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    That is cool. Now just have to wait for the little one to get older, think one is a bit young to get his first balance bike. Prob should wait till he can stand and walk at least.

    Does anyone know what kind the little dude is riding? Looks to have a bit of suspension on the back too.
  19. rone

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    I saw the video yesterday and asked the same thing. After mucho googling I found this - available in Oz for $319. Elastomer rear susser for the toddlers. Even though the boy has a Firstbike, I'm tempted:rolleyes:

  20. kapitaal

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    I'm tempted to have more kids just to get one of those things!

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