What do your kids ride?

Discussion in 'Vets' started by kapitaal, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. moorey

    moorey Has arseritis

    Anyone needing a set of older sids for their kids? Were offered to me for $100, but not what I’m after.
  2. creaky

    creaky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Run that brake line down the inside of that fork mate. Fix with a cable tie around the crown and/or lower if there is no dedicated mounting point.
  3. 68deluxe

    68deluxe Likes Bikes

    yep already done, that was the old line, which was too short with the new longer fork, been replaced with new brake line and sheathing, and cable tied. :)

    have ridden it around a bit, it feels a bit too slack at the front, will need to shorten the fork travel to 80mm I think. Daughter loves it though, the fork actually operates under her weight now.
  4. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Couldn't find a decent second hand bike so bought a new polygon relic which is similar spec as the Giant xtc but has suntour fork and Tektro brakes. Nice little bike actually and the forks, while crude, do actually work to their full travel.

    My boy is lanky so will likely need a 26" soon!
  5. notb4dinner

    notb4dinner Likes Dirt

    Thanks to this thread I've just pulled the trigger on a Vitus Fourteen for my four year old, rather than going through the expense and bother of importing an Islabikes CNOC or Woom.

    Any recommendations for sourcing half decent 14 inch tires?
  6. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Mr 4 is now off his training wheels, so today was our first path ride :)
    Giant 16in BMX and mr 7 is on a 20in Giant Veer.
    DSC_6948.JPG DSC_6950.JPG
  7. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Whats wrong with the tyres on it? Wanting off-road style?
    My sons 14in bike has big apples on it lol. Massive overkill.
  8. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Playing around the mine ruins of Newnes.

    Awesome camping area with some fun fire trails up to the glow worm tunnels.

    Super happy with the new bike but some fwit dad lost the nut and spring for the front quick release when packing up the camp site.

  9. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Great achievement moving onto the training free wheels bike! How's your back?
  10. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Suprisingly ok lol.
    Because he had a mix of balance bike and training wheel bike he had both peddling and balancing going well, just needed the confidence to do both together at the same time!
    So he's now already starting himself off every time and did 7k with me riding behind/beside him on my bike.
  11. stirk

    stirk Wheel size expert

    Nice one! Balance bikes really do make the transition to pedal power so easy.
  12. notb4dinner

    notb4dinner Likes Dirt

    Yes, something with a bit of tread. The ones that come on it are basically slick. Probably could save some weight there too.

    Best I've found online are copies of the old Tioga Comp 3 BMX tyre.
  13. Knuckles

    Knuckles Burner

    Both ashamed to be seen with dad, on a bloody 29er......
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  14. dirtdad

    dirtdad Cannon Fodder

    Recently got our second little shredder onto his pedal bike. Eldest now has a 20" Scott Scale Jr and little melon head has moved onto the 16" Giant Animator with cut down mtb bars.

  15. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Even worse I was on my retro 26er ha ha. How embarrassing, v-brakes and all.

    Love the idea of putting the MTB bars on the animator BMX, might see about doing the same on mr 4's animator.
  16. ozzybmx

    ozzybmx Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Just bought 1 of these (2nd will be bought in the morning to avoid customs) http://www.jensonusa.com/Kona-Kula-Frame-WRevrb-125mm-Post-2015

    They were looking for dropper posts and I seen this deal, 58% off and not much more than buying a Reverb locally.

    Their On-One Parkwood frames are pretty similar as far as swapping parts are concerned, I have also had to buy a ZS44-ZS56 headset to fit their forks in http://www.jensonusa.com/Cane-Creek-40-ZS4456-Tapered-Headset

    The forks they have are Rockshox 30 Gold 120mm so that should slacken the head angle as their current frames are 120mm 67° and these are 100mm 69°.

    I have measured the seatpost and they are currently 20mm too low to use the Reverb on this frame at full extension but thinking of cutting the frame as the seatpost extension on the frame pictured looks to be 30-40mm. Thats if they cant get the drop right when releasing the post to full extension.

    Postage was either $85 with $44 oversize charge or $133 for International Priority so I took the $133 option to get them quick, only $5 difference.

    Only ordered 1 now, will place the other order in the morning when the 1st is dispatched to avoid customs, it was only $30 difference in price to do it one at a time than 2 together... def better than being held in customs and being charged duty.

    Total per frame, dropper post, Cane Creek headset and shipping was $660.

    Scandium frame at 1800g for a Med, these are small... Boys will be stoked when they rock up... hopefully before the Otway Odyssey next week as they are doing the Junior 30km.

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  17. ozzybmx

    ozzybmx Likes Bikes and Dirt

    So numb-nutts and I go for a small skills session, we get to this jump which has sent a few to A&E over the years as its a flat rock takeoff, its at the end of a decent flowy section where a bit of speed is happening and the run in is a quick right hander with a bit of suspension compression, its sent a few over the bars in its time... nearly got another victim last night.
    Dad: AH FAAAK
    Numb Nuts: NAILED IT !!!
    After thought when he seen the pictures... 'I was maybe a heavy on the front'

    20180315_180715_015.jpg 20180315_180715_021_01.jpg
  18. Chriso_29er

    Chriso_29er Likes Dirt

    Lucky to get away with that lol. Nice job.
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  19. ozzybmx

    ozzybmx Likes Bikes and Dirt

    He was indeed !

    I bought them droppers for the return to Tassie Jan 2019 trip... but this one ^ wants to wait a while before fitting his, as he likes the bike as it is.

    Might force fit it after this lucky escape.
  20. moorey

    moorey Has arseritis

    Not so much ‘what he rides’, as ‘what he rode’...(can’t upload vid)

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